Weinstein Trial: ‘I’m Being Raped,’ Recalls ‘Project Runway’ Assistant

Weinstein Trial: ‘I’m Being Raped,’ Recalls ‘Project Runway’ Assistant

Then, she said, Mr. Weinstein lunged at her.

“I pushed him away, and he kept kissing and fondling me,” Ms. Haley told the jury. “I got up and tried to walk away, and he pulled me toward him.”

Mr. Weinstein backed her into a bedroom, she said, where she fell “backward onto the bed.” All the while, she testified, she was telling the producer: “I don’t want this to happen. I’m on my period.”

It was then, she told the jury, that Mr. Weinstein yanked the tampon from her body and put his mouth on her genitals. “I was telling him, ‘No, no, no, don’t do that,’” Ms. Haley said. “It was as if he didn’t believe me.”

Afterward, Ms. Haley said, she walked alone to her apartment. She never reported the assault to the police.

Two weeks later, Ms. Haley said, Mr. Weinstein was “persistent” that she meet with him again, and she went to see him at the TriBeCa Grand Hotel. When she entered his room, she said, the producer pulled her toward the bed. Though she was sobbing, Ms. Haley said, she had sex with him.

“I felt like an idiot and I felt numb,” she said.

Ms. Haley said she later tried to maintain “a professional connection” with Mr. Weinstein. She passed scripts to him from friends, she said, and once, while in London, she pitched him on her own idea for a project.

Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers have argued that Ms. Haley and Mr. Weinstein had a consensual relationship for years. He gave her tickets to movie premieres, the lawyers said, and paid for her to fly to London shortly after the alleged second assault.

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