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Weight loss: Best exercises in the gym for weight loss and how to ease back after lockdown

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Sports facilities reopened in England on Monday, April 12, and many Britons have been heading back to their local gym this week. But it is important to go slowly when you begin training again in order to avoid injuries.

Gary Lockwood, CEO of the British gym chain 24/7 Fitness, has shared his top tips on returning to the gym after lockdown, as well as sharing the best exercises to do in a gym for weight loss.

The first thing Gary recommended you do before going back to your local gym is to be prepared.

He advised bringing your own hand sanitiser and wipes to clean the machines before and after you use them.

Gary also highlighted that changing rooms in some gyms will not be open, so it is worth keeping this in mind before heading to the gym.

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Although it is likely you will want to work hard when you are in the gym, Gary advised reducing your usual session time at first and “saving the hard graft for once you have settled back into your new workout routine”.

Once you feel ready to start working a little harder in the gym, it is worth trying out new exercises that you may not have necessarily done in the gym before.

Gary outlined the best exercises in the gym for weight loss, and these include skipping rope, sprints, kickboxing, spinning, running, rowing, and stair climbing.

Surprisingly, skipping rope is the best for weight loss if you can maintain the exercise as the average person can burn from 667 to 990 calories an hour when doing so.

However, if you do not yet feel ready to go back to the gym, Gary recommended looking up online classes to do from your home.

“Find one that suits you, and maintain your fitness from home in between your gym sessions,” the CEO said.

Gary also highlighted the importance of eating a healthy diet and sleeping well, as well as maintaining regular exercise.

Keeping healthy will make you feel both mentally and physically better, and will consequently lead to weight loss.

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