Tasteful Halloween Home Decor Under $45 That’s Still Spooky

Tasteful Halloween Home Decor Under $45 That’s Still Spooky

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Welcome to spooky season! It’s time to take out the witch’s brew and get all the guts out of a few pumpkins — Halloween is almost here.

Whether you’re someone who likes to go all out on a costume — maybe you’re dressing up as something especially appropriate for 2020 this year — or just like to watch horror movies all night every Oct. 31, Halloween always brings a few treats. And, hopefully, not too many tricks.

With that said, you’re probably looking to get into the spooky spirit at home. (Us, too.) You might be searching for Halloween decor that’s tasteful and definitely not tacky so you can go all out — it’s not the year to glue fake bats around your home or and buy leafy wreaths that just fall apart.

We’ve found Halloween decorations that aren’t just affordable — lots of the options on the list below are actually under $30 — but are nice to look at, too. (You can also check out our roundups of home decor to give you Halloween vibes all year and matte black finds that might just send a chill down your spine.)


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