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‘No empathy!’ Kate Garraway brands Prince Harry ‘entitled’ for ‘cycle of pain’ remarks | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard had invited Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith into the Good Morning Britain studio to discuss today’s news headlines. One of which was Prince Harry’s comments about “breaking the cycle of pain and suffering” of his upbringing with his own children. Both presenters waded in with their opinion on the matter and when Kate discussed the former senior royal’s remarks, she wondered whether his viewpoint would change in a few years time when Archie and his soon-to-be newborn daughter are grown up and challenging him as a parent. The presenter also branded Prince Harry as “sounding entitled”. 

“He’s very young, Archie and the other one isn’t with us yet,” Kate began. “I wonder when they start to challenge him – which, of course, is the job of a child and certainly the job of a teenager, that’s what you’re meant to do – break away in a brutal way possible. So he will have it come back at him.

“Do you think as well though, that he’s always been in the public eye, do you think he doesn’t understand when he says these things , the devastating impact there’s going to be. 

“We’ve had people who’ve been saying ‘What does he mean talking about ‘the cycle of pain?’ I grew up in a house with abuse, I had all sort of things happening in my life.’ 

“And of course, we know pain is pain, it might be a different sort of it but it’s still difficult. 

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“He’s just sort of telling his story and instantly, it sounds entitled and without empathy.

I wonder what it will be like to talk to him in five years’ time. And look back and think about what’s done,” Kate added. 

Ben also said: “When you start with ‘I don’t want to point the finger’, and then immediately points the finger.

“We’ve all been there as young parents, you think you’re going to take the best bits of your parents and then you get down the line ten or 15 years later and you say ‘I can see why you did the best you did and have more respect and understanding.’

“When did he become an expert? He’s been a parent for five minutes. What is he doing talking about being a parent?” The presenter remarked. 

“That’s what I find really difficult. The one thing about Harry was he just felt so normal and down to earth. Something has happened…

Those watching the conversation at home, took to Twitter to discuss. 

One said: “Can Harry read the room that there’s more important things going in the world then his daddy issues #GMB.” 

Another chimed: “Harry has had a life of immense privilege so stop whinging. I just want him and Social Climber to do what they said they wanted to do. Be Private! @GMB #GMB.” 

“#GMB Prince Harry is spoilt, has a lot to learn about being a parent. He’s only just started. No one gets it right, rich or poor! Time to stop whinging and whining, just get on with life in his pampered state. Anyone would think he’s the only one who has suffered loss. @GMB,” a third wrote. 

Meanwhile, someone else mentioned: “#GMB Harry is not blaming his father, he is trying to heal. The Royal family is a very dysfunctional family and he is doing the right thing in trying to repeat their mistakes.” 

“Why be mad at Prince Harry. Prince Charles and Diana both when on national TV and saying how miserable they were in their marriage and that we’re cheating on each other. As kid that has to mess with your mind and walking behind Mum coffin. #GMB @GMB,” a tweet read. 

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