Kate Middleton, Prince William Lose It After Woman Says They’re ‘S**tty’ At Bingo

Kate Middleton, Prince William Lose It After Woman Says They’re ‘S**tty’ At Bingo

Kate Middleton and Prince William didn’t receive their normal royal treatment during a public engagement on Wednesday. Luckily, it seems like they absolutely loved it. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, Wales, where they ran into an old friend: Joan Drew-Smith. 

While the 87-year-old’s name might not be familiar, she made headlines back in May for telling the royal couple during an outing where they did bingo calling that the experience “wasn’t as good as it should have been.” Queen of sass, no doubt. 

Kate and William were able to see Drew-Smith on their most recent visit to the home and the prince reminded her of their funny exchange. 

“Hello Joan, do you remember we did the bingo with you? You said we weren’t very good,” he joked. 

And boy, did she remember.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge react as they were told they aren’t good at online bingo by resident Joan Drew Smith (in white blouse) at the Shire Hall Care Home, where they spoke to some of the home’s staff, residents and their family members on Aug. 5 in Cardiff, Wales.

“Yes,” she answered. “You did a bloody shitty job.” 

The couple collapsed with laughter while one person sitting next to Drew-Smith lost it, put their hands over their mouth and twisted in their seat.

The prince let out a loud laugh and an “excellent!” paired with a fist pump. 

“Was it that bad? Was it the worst job you’d ever seen?” he added, egging her on. 

The Duke of Cambridge later said that he had nothing but “love” for Drew-Smith. 

“I love Joan, she’s brilliant,” the prince told the staff at the nursing home, according to The Mirror. “If only everyone was as honest as her.”

Watch the whole exchange below: 

Prior to the hilarious exchange and visit, the royals spent time at Barry Island, a seaside resort hot spot, where they stopped by an arcade for some games and also spoke with those in the tourism business who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

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