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Iceland news: Supermarket launches new ice lolly sweetshop range

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Iceland and the Food Warehouse have paired up for another special launch. This time, the food retailers are selling a new range of ice lollies inspired by sweet shop classics that many British people will recognise from their childhoods.

Eight brand new Barratt ice cream lollies are now available exclusively in Iceland stores and online.

The lollies come in packs of six or eight and are currently on offer, costing £3 for two packs.

The ice cream flavours will take many customers back to their childhood as they are inspired by sweets traditionally sold at British sweetshops.

These sweets are Wham Bars, Sherbet Fountain, Foam Banana, Cola Bottle, Milk Bottle, Strawberry Milkshake, Nougat, and Anglo Bubbly.

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Speaking about the ice cream launch, Russell Tanner, the Marketing and Category Director at Barratt, said: “When working on this range it was so important to us that these ice cream lollies authentically delivered the fun and fizzy experience of eating the original sweets.

“We know Barratt fans will expect nothing less than the best from these products and we’re confident we’ve delivered that.”

Sally Bentley, Senior Desserts Buyer from Iceland, also commented.

She said: “We’ve been thrilled with the success of the Barratt partnership so far and clearly the range resonates with our customers, who tell us they love the taste as well as the experience of enjoying these ice lollies.

“As an Iceland exclusive there’s nowhere else to get your fix of Barratt sweet shop ice creams,” Ms Bentley added.

Posting about its new range on Facebook, Iceland said: “They’re here! Our Barratt Ice Lolly range just got even bigger!

“I fancy a foam banana, but what takes your fancy?”

Fans of the retailer expressed their delight in the post’s comments. One customer wrote: “I need the Wham ones.”

Another customer said: “The Wham lollies are nice. Can’t wait to try them all.”

One ice cream fan wrote: “I’ve just bought four different boxes can’t wait to try them.”

Another shopper gave Iceland an idea for a future product. They wrote: “Please do a variety box, I want to try them all.”

Another person added: “Banana ones [are] amazing, was a happy girl in Iceland today.”

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