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How to grow an olive tree: How much sun does an olive tree need?

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If you’re desperate to plant an olive tree in the soil, Sutton Manor Nursery has explained how it can be done.

Dig a hole roughly the same size as the tree’s container and half the size again. Take the tree out and have a look at the roots, leaving the root ball as undisturbed as possible.

When you plant the tree, try not to add massive amounts of soil or organic matter.
This is because it could limit any new growth of the roots and stop them from growing into the natural soil.

Add Agricultural gravel to the hole before the soil to increase drainage. Remember, Olive trees hate dampness!

Alternatively, you can re-pot your Olive tree. If so, allow the soil to dry out before you re-pot.

Loosen the soil along the edges of the pot and firmly pull the tree up by gripping the main stem base.

Pop some extra soil into the new pot and place the tree into it. Fill the pot in with compost and soil.

Keep your Olive tree watered for a few weeks as this will allow the roots to grow.

If you go with this method, you’ll need to re-pot the tree every few years in autumn or late spring until it reaches its full height.

You must also make sure your tree is protected in cold weather.

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