Great British Bake Off star Stacey Hart shares healthier shortbread recipe

Great British Bake Off star Stacey Hart shares healthier shortbread recipe

Healthier baked goods have seen a spike in demand in recent years. With brands bringing out healthier alternatives for cakes and chocolate, it is no wonder that people are turning to healthier eating habits. Great British Bake Off contestant Stacey Hart has revealed how you can still consume sweet treats but by making them in a healthier way.

Low Sugar Orange and Cardamom Shortbread (Makes eight large shortbread)

• 140g unsalted butter
• 200g plain flour
• 100g coarse semolina
• Pinch of salt
• 85g xylitol sugar alternative (available in supermarkets and health stores as Total Sweet)
• Eight whole cardamom (if you don’t like cardamom you can substitute for one tsp of ground cinnamon or leave the spice out completely)
• Grated zest of one large orange

For the optional cinnamon sugar:
• One tbsp xylitol
• Half a tsp cinnamon


1. Set the oven to 180 degrees fan

2. Use an eight inch brownie tin, no need to oil or line

3. Crush the shell and remove cardamom seeds from the pods

4. In a food processor, pulse together the semolina, flour, butter and a pinch of salt until it resembles fine breadcrumbs

5. Add the xylitol, cardamom seeds and grated zest and pulse to combine

6. Gently pour the mixture into the tin

7. Push down to flatten in the tin and even out

8. Prick holes with a fork all over the shortbread

9. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden

Stacey explains that for the optional cinnamon sugar you should grind the xylitol and cinnamon together until it resembles icing sugar. This can then be used to sprinkle over the warm shortbread.

These home baked shortbreads are 442 calories per 100g. They also contain 0.6g of sugar per 100g, this is 0.25 teaspoons of sugar.

Comparing these to shop bought shortbread, they average at around 516 calories per 100g with around 13.2g of sugar per 100g.

Xylitol is an attractive alternative to sugar for people wishing to lose weight and those with diabetes.

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