Gorgeous Vintage-Inspired Glassware To Level Up Happy Hour At Home

Gorgeous Vintage-Inspired Glassware To Level Up Happy Hour At Home

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Looking to level up your at-home cocktail game without having to brush up on your bartending skills? A simple switch of glassware might be all you need to dress up your drinks — even if it’s just non-alcoholic mocktails for a virtual happy hour.

Using unique, yet stunning drinkware and stemware for serving refreshments is an easy way to make life at home feel a bit less everyday more like a getaway. After all, what better way to serve up an old fashioned recipe than in a set of funky old fashioned rocks glass, or a bubbly Prosecco poured in a beautiful vintage-looking coupe glass?

It’s all in the details when it comes to vintage-inspired drinkware. These days, you’ll see everything from colored glassware (from dark hues to beautiful iridescent finishes) to textured glassware, with ridges, bubbles and unusual designs. You’ll likely see more of these vintage-inspired furniture and home decor trends on the rise with modern art deco making a comeback.

There’s nothing more thrilling than discovering the perfect set of vintage glassware at a thrift shop or vintage market, but if you’re still not ready to shop in person yet, you can also find a big selection of unique and unusual glassware at online vintage shops and well-known online marketplaces like Etsy.

Still, if you’re looking for a larger drinkware selection to stock your shelves, retailers like Anthropologie, Food52 and West Elm carry glassware sets — many with vintage-looking designs. You can even find shatter-proof glassware alternatives if you’re worried about shattering your supply.

After all, a well-stocked bar cart will probably be essential this season, especially since you’ll probably be spending more time at home than in the past. Though you’ll still want to keep most of your gatherings small and outdoors (per the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines), it doesn’t hurt to find a good alcohol delivery service, stock up on drink charms to keep track of everyone’s glasses and bookmark a few fall cocktail recipes so you’re prepared.

Below, we’ve rounded up a variety of gorgeous, vintage-inspired glassware that will level up next at-home happy hour.

Lustered Coupe Glasses


These coupe glasses feature a textured, iridescent glass and gold rim. Find them for $56 at Anthropologie.

Ripple Glasses


These tumbler glasses feature a unique, ripple design in four colors. Find them for $50 at Food52.

Malcolm Glassware

West Elm

These old-fashioned glasses have a textured base in five colors. Find them for $48 at West Elm.

New York City Whiskey Glasses


These whiskey glasses feature an etched city map design. Find them for $24 on Etsy.

Radiant Cut Glassware

West Elm

These glasses have etched detailing and a gold rim. Find them for $50 at West Elm.

Gatsby Tumblers


These tumbler glasses features a textured design and gold base. Find them for $38 at Anthropologie.

Italian Crinkle Glasses


These tumbler glasses feature a crinkle design in tempered glass. Find them for $32 at Food52.

The Pioneer Woman Adeline 12-Ounce Footed Glass Goblets


These goblet glasses feature a textured design in durable glass. Find them for $17 at Walmart.

Outdoor Italian Tumblers


These tumbler glasses are made of shatter-proof plastic in three colors and sizes. Find them for $32 at Food52.

Jupiter Clear Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

Crate & Barrel

These old-fashioned glasses feature a beaded texture. Find them for $48 at Crate & Barrel.

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses


These anti-rocking, spill-proof, 50-degree tilted angle whiskey glasses are diamond shape. Find them for $45 on Amazon.

Handblown Chroma Glassware


These shot glasses feature a simple silhouette and are available in six colors. Find them for $60 at Food52.

Mule Science Moscow Mule Copper Mugs


These mule mugs are made with copper to keep your cocktail chilled. Find this set for $60 on Amazon.

Bombay Highball Glasses


These highball glasses feature a clear, intricate design. Find them for $56 at Anthropologie.

Champagne Tower Coupe Glasses

Crate & Barrel

These coupe glasses are stackable to create a champagne tower. Find them for $50 at Crate & Barrel.

Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Bar Glasses

West Elm

These tumbler glasses have a modern crinkle-cut design. Find them for $33 at West Elm.

Tipsy Stemless Glasses

Crate & Barrel

These wine and champagne glasses have an organic hand-blown crystalline glass silhouette. Find them for $17 at Crate & Barrel.

WellTold Constellation Rocks Glass Pair


These rock glasses feature a constellation design. Find them for $29 on Etsy.

Dragon Glassware Stemless Martini Glasses


These stemless martini glasses are made with double-wall insulated glass. Find them for $30 on Amazon.

Dragon Glassware Stemless Wine Glasses with Finger Indentations


These wine glasses feature a finger indent for comfortable holding. Find them for $60 on Amazon.

DotnBetty Vintage Lowball Whiskey Glasses


These lowball glasses are made with iridescent hand-blown glass. Find them for $50 on Etsy.

CreativeWare Stackable Tumblers


These tumbler glasses are shatterproof and stackable. Find them for $30 at Walmart.


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