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Charley Webb: Emmerdale star fumes after son makes ‘extremely offensive’ comment about her | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Emmerdale actress Charley Webb, 33, has unleashed a rant in an Instagram video after her and husband Matthew Wolfenden’s eldest son Buster, 10, told her she looked “old” this afternoon. The mum-of-three revealed to her 503,000 followers that although Buster had backtracked on his comments after seeing how his words had annoyed her, she told him his remark was “extremely offensive”. 

Charley said: “I picked Buster up from tennis and he went, ‘You’ve got far too much makeup on’. 

“And I was like, ‘well I’ve barely got any on actually, I’ve just got a bit of mascara on’.”

Buster went on to explain to his mum that he had noticed she wasn’t wearing any concealer under her eyes, which he said made the area look “baggy”.

She continued: “And he went, ‘oh yeah that’s what it is, you haven’t done underneath your eyes they look really baggy and old’.”

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Detailing her shocked reaction, Charley furiously exclaimed: “Sorry, sorry… what? 

“I can’t even tell you how annoyed I was, but he was like, ‘oh I’m not being rude, sorry I didn’t mean it to be offensive, I was just saying’. 

“I was like, ‘well it is offensive, it’s extremely offensive’. 

“Just, like, out of the mouths of children,” an exasperated Charley concluded.


Detailing her reservations about the appointment, she added: “Really hate getting their hair cut as I always hate it for nine days.

“I hate change but it will be fine but Bowie wants to go short, so that’s what we’re doing, which makes me feel even more nervous…”

Charley went on to admit she never wants her sons’ hair to be too short

She continued: “The hairdressers are one of the most stressful places I have to go to with the kids in my life because I really struggle with it and the hairdressers always get really stressed as I’m like ‘don’t don’t, not too much, don’t cut there, ooh, that’s too short.’ They hate me – I’d hate me”

Despite her fears, Charley braved the hairdressers and showed a clip of Bowie’s hair clippings on the floor of the salon.

She then took a snap of the youngster showing off his new look.

Bowie was pictured smiling for the camera as he went to grab a sweet from a jar in the salon for behaving well while he had his trim.

Fortunately, Charley quickly got used to her son’s transformation, as she captioned the picture: “Love.”

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