'Case closed': Mitch McConnell to declare Robert Mueller's Russia investigation over

'Case closed': Mitch McConnell to declare Robert Mueller's Russia investigation over

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to give a speech Tuesday declaring that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference is over, despite House Democrats pursuing more information.


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  1. Fstblack 12

    Barr lied to Congress . McConnell is a right wing partisan political hack . Mitch remember Helsinki. Liar except the election where the republicans got caught stuffing the ballot box . You still lying to pay for your wife cabinet job .

  2. Phil Michnik

    I suggest to concentrate on real danger – the fifth column: 442 likes at the moment for Philly Islamic Center video is that how many people agree with the children singing: "We will chop off their heads". That is a threat punishable by law. What kind of people make live weapons from their own children to literary explode our society from within.

  3. phenixwryter

    What a ridiculous speech, lol. Make no mistake or suffer a self-made illusion that we are grieving. We are determined and steely eyed.
    Six weeks, and the full report and accompanying evidence has not been released to Congress so they can perform their oversight duties. No one has forgotten that Senator McConnell blocked a bipartisan denunciation of Putin interference in our elections before we voted in 2016. Also, how rich of him to talk about Putin's influence when Deripaska is now investing money in that aluminum plant in Kentucky.

  4. Bernard Martinez

    On the matter of obstruction of justice, Barr said he and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, reviewed Mueller's evidence and "legal theories," and found that there is no evidence to show Trump tried to disrupt the investigation.
    The Attorney General says Mueller report found ‘no collusion’ with Russia
    He said Trump never used his powers to interfere with Mueller, and thus had no "corrupt intent" in the matter. Case Closed!!!

  5. Li Raven

    Oh, so its king mitch .ok

    Lol…this is faaar from over.. and after nobody in America cares cuz it's going to be eight years from now, the government is still going to be investigating what went on with this. its way far from over..
    If there was tampering with American elections, every American should be concerned about that.
    If there is a self serving motivations driving the leader of America, every American should be concerned about that.
    After all the books, and talk shows, and hype, the investigation will be concluded when the truth is revealed..not when mitch McConnell thinks its so.

  6. George Kafantaris

    The danger of taking a step back when dealing with a bully is that he takes a step forward. Mueller understood this and showed us the way. So, which would it be? Do we use his ammunition and deal with the bully now or do we take a step back and deal with a more fortified bully later?

  7. Garen Mcvay

    This wrong turn looking clown has a lot of nerve saying the Democrats are playing politics.This piece of crap wrote the book on playing politics and is all this hypocrite has ever done.Looks like he is going to be moving on soon because Kentucky is tired of his game playing and his bull shit.His poll rating is in the low 30s and should be lower.I thought this guy passed away when Burt Reynolds shot an arrow through him and he was on top of that cliff .Can't wait to see this piece of human waste get what's coming to him.Turn over the complete report ass hole just like you asked for during the Clinton email investigation.This guy is a hypocrite along with everyone else on the right.You want to take your word for what Muellers report really says instead of giving the full report so people could make thier own conclusion.You expect people to swallow whatever bull shit you try to shove down our throats.And don't act like you've been doing anything more than stone walling for the last two years.You work for the American people Not Just your red state base and you have not done your job as far as oversight is concerned.Then you wipe you ass with the Constitution by blocking the Oversight committee from the full report and underlying evidence.The AG takes an oath to tell the truth then sits down and lies to congress.He was asked if he knew how Mueller felt about how he handled the report.Barr said that he didn't know what Mueller thought about his handeling of the report.He straight up lied to the people who pays his salary and that he is supposed to work for and represent. He isn't Trumps personal Attorney he's The Attorney General Of The United States who is supposed to represent the American people.The right is responsible for this stuff never coming to an end by not putting everything out there instead of hiding shit.If Barr thought he was right in his assessment of the report and every other person on the right thought the same why hide the truth.The truth is there's more to what Mueller said than what was put out by people who want to dictate the outcome.We don't like being dictated to in this country because we hate Dictators at least some of us do.And I just love how you people can lie under oath then turn around after your caught and say well he may have mislead Congress but I don't think Mr.Barr lied .Give me a friggen break ass holes a lie is a lie and what do you teach your children that it's ok to lie as long as you say I just misled you.

  8. Gordon Peebles

    greetings from the moderate camp. been watching trump drive the left completely insane for 2 years. you guys (democrats) REALLY need to drop this garbage and quit with the socialism, Antifa, open borders garbage or its another 4 years of trump.

  9. Angel Luis Estrada Pagan

    We don’t need the report of a special counsel to conclude this man is a psychopath, with aspirations of becoming a dictator, and is a threat to the constitution he swore to uphold and defend. it’s in the public arena. if you are so mesmerized by him that you can’t discern his intentions, then you are in for a rude awakening when he puts troops on the ground, declares a national emergency, suspends the constitution; and refuses to leave office.

  10. Shawn&Inna Barrett

    well why not let mueller testify it was 2 years fear mongering and in his statement he did not say one word on Russian. SO why not let him talk about it. I do not think personally there is much to say except it was a bulling campaign and now they make it look like the case is closed in interest of justice?
    well let them close it by having mueller testify . it is an embarrassment basically. so just make sur u do not get accused in any obstruction i would liek to hear them to say something that makes sense and actually confirms that there was a conspiracy that can damage the situation and generate more military acting and if there eis a prove that Russian and Trump planned on that while meeting. if he can prove that they made plans and military deal in those meeting we het to know. actually it is the opposite the military deals ongoing they did not want any interference and that is the reason they just started to bully president because for example to build something requires for wars to stop. and there was momentum selling weapons and etc.
    my main concern actually that there ehe such conspiracy nd a war that is fake when two governments as a video game be sending people t die while they be bro friends dn just sending peel cause they get some lucrative personal opportunity.
    that is what happened with mane previous governments and their friends and they get som weeding general liek mc cain call him patriot decorate etc. and so why all teh borders skewed to surround ruskin. if there was any war in Russia there be giant energy crisis and american fossil industry become especially popular. also it is so ignorant so in Ca the judge doe snot was to build power plan gas based which is a clean way to derive energy yet US lobbying and instigating wars to sell oil and gas in Europe and not in California as soon as they flair gas in California into atmosphere without filter and then import gas from out of the state and pay extra for transport life is good?
    so all thsi is totally illogical all that big jazz.
    my main worry actually to keep russia and trump on fighting that there be no intentional proxy war when we all be lied to they are energy and in reality they want war on purpose intentional and pretend they are enemies
    or they pretend they are friends and then they fight war we have that happen a lot.
    so we need scapegoat to then rescue supposedly someone who that scapegoat oppressing to justify the sour role.

  11. lateisha whitaker

    McConnell, we didn't vote for Trump! Russia helped Trump win so that all of us honest voter's wouldn't have a say. We were cheated period. If your President's son, son-in-law and campaign official would have been honest people and called the FBI when contacted by Russians we could have said different. You are trying to deflect and deceive the American people into ignoring the criminal acts of Trump and everyone under him. We aren't that stupid to believe that Trump, you, or any other Republican Senator supporting Trump, cares about Justice or what's fair for the people. Your words are nothing but just words.

  12. Agni Ban

    This fellow McConnell is the worst of the Enemies of the American People – who tries every day to take away our Healthcare Benefits and other assistance for the poor and the indigent and successfully driving the election of a lying justice, forever tainting the complexion of the Republican SCOTUS. And we now we hear his hypocritical expounding and misleading summaries of the Mueller Report while drawing upon a >$500K+ in Governmental pay year after year after year. He adds no value to the efforts of the American People trying to make ends meet. Clearly he has NOT read the Mueller Report – he is incapable of comprehending the thrust of the Report – and is a disgrace to the Senate as he supports another lying AG as he supported POTUS in marketing the Report.

  13. Slabbin Charlie

    Democrats make me laugh. Every time I read or watch any news that promotes the conspiracy against Donald Trump I can't help but laugh and be filled with joy and their denial of the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump. Trump will take 2020 without a doubt and you Democrats are lost following those setting the tone of these far-fetched conspiracy theories.

  14. Yajaira Ramos


  15. Robin Addis-Vaughn

    Hey Mitch, Republican Congress prevented President Obama's every attempt to defend the Constitution. Kiss your Kentucky ass goodbye. You're nothing but a lying stack of steaming BULLSHIT! Or, steaming coal mines!!! You are a despicable waste of DNA. And, I pray there's a special place in hell for you, Lindsey Graham, Barr, and the entire Trump family.

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