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Caffé Nero staff claim to switch sell-by dates on food – customer sold mouldy cake

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Staff members from Caffé Nero claim they were encouraged to sell food that was past its sell-by date in order to help manager’s hit food wastage targets. The admission came after a customer posted an image to Facebook of a cake they had purchased which appears to have grown mould.

Revelations from staff members came to light after a customer said they had been sold a “mouldy” cake from the Chesham branch in Buckinghamshire.

The customer shared images of a mouldy raspberry and coconut crumble bar they purchased on Monday, March 1.

The customer, Mirza Sameer Khalid, claims the label on the package stated its sell-by date was February 11.

“Look at that disgusting antique and the staff are in complete denial so stay away from these,” said Mr Khalid.

Customers have taken to Twitter to slam the brand for these claims.

One customer wrote: “To risk health of customers, reputation of the company and your own job so that the Manager gets their bonus, not worth it.”

According to Mail Online the Food Standards Agency has since asked an authority which advises councils nationally to investigate.

Express.co.uk has contacted the Food Standards Agency for further information.

Contrastingly, none of the employees who spoke to The Times said they had been directed to change dates by higher-ups at Caffé Nero.

A lawyer for the brand told MailOnline: “This activity has never been tolerated in the 24 years of Caffè Nero.

“This has never come as an issue in the past. There is nobody in the leadership team that would tolerate such activity.”

The popular cafe brand has 800 sites across the UK, employing around 5,700 people.

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