Alta Mar season 3 Netflix release date: How many episodes are in High Seas season 3? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Alta Mar season 3 Netflix release date: How many episodes are in High Seas season 3? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Mexican drama Alta Mar is making its big comeback to Netflix with season three. The show will be picking up with the Villanueva sisters, who will find themselves on a new adventure. has the lowdown on the third instalment of the nautical thriller.

How many episodes are in High Seas season 3?

Netflix will be dropping season three of Alta Mar or High Seas on Friday, August 7.

The third series will be arriving at 8am BST on the day of release and available globally on Netflix.

Seasons one and two comprised of eight episodes each and the upcoming run is expected to be no different.

As per Netflix, season three will be dropping in its entirety for fans to either binge or savour at their leisure.

Fans of the show will remember how the first two seasons focused on the siblings’ eventful journey from Spain to Brazil in the late 1940s.

They were spurred on their journey following the death of their father, but the voyage saw them uncovering secrets they never expected to.

Both women also found themselves trying to solve a murder on board the ship Bárbara de Braganza with dark forces at work putting them in danger.

The third cycle sees the story picking up a year and a half after sisters Carolina (played by Alejandra Onieva) and Eva Villanueva (Ivana Baquero) completed their journey. They are now in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

However, they will be taking a new trip this time from Buenos Aires to Veracruz in Mexico, which will see them getting entangled in a brand-new mystery.

Carolina and Eva have both changed markedly since season two with the former now owning another ship.

Eva will have a secret mission this time around which will see her teaming up with Brazilian spy Fabio.

Fabio and Eva will be trying to stop a scientist on board the vessel from taking a deadly chemical weapon to its destination.

Season three will see their lives again at risk as they try to save the day by preventing the weapon from ever leaving the ship.

The two will face death should they fail in their mission to stop their weapon, which has the potential to claim thousands of the life if unleashed on the general population.

Along with returning cast member, there will also be some new characters coming into the fold, including Marco Pigossi and Nicolás Francella.

Fan-favourites will also be making a comeback including Jon Kortajarena, José Sacristán and Eloy Azorín.

Further cast members include Begoña Vargas and Eduardo Blanco who will be reprising their roles.

Viewers will be pleased to hear season four of Alta Mar is reportedly in the works, so it looks like there will be more to come from the siblings in the future.

Alta Mar is just another example of Netflix’s move into the Latin American market with existing shows such as Narcos, Money Heist and Cable Girls proving to be a success for the platform.

For those looking to catch up with the series ahead of the third outing can do so – seasons one and two are on Netflix.

Alta Mar season 3 will be released on Netflix on August 7


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