Women’s Marches Around the World Reflect Worry Over Violence and Populism

Women’s Marches Around the World Reflect Worry Over Violence and Populism

“These people are trying to build a future that is not open to all. Let’s stop them now,” he said.

In London, organizers chose “Women Demand Bread & Roses” as a slogan this year to protest the government’s squeeze on essential services. It drew inspiration from the American “Bread and Roses” protests for working women’s rights in the 1910s.

The march across the heart of London drew around 3,000 people. They held signs reading, “Men of Quality Don’t Fear Equality” and “Brexit Wrecks It,” reflecting the political deadlock ahead of the March deadline for Britain to leave the European Union.

In Berlin, around 2,000 protesters marched from the Brandenburg Gate to the Alexanderplatz along the famous Unter den Linden. Organizers called for scrapping a Hitler-era law that makes it a crime for doctors to advertise that they perform abortions.

Marchers in Frankfurt, Germany, met at two spots at 5 minutes to 12, in a reference to the urgency of women’s issue. Roughly 1,200 people marched, according to the Frankfurt police, many wearing the pink knit hats emblematic of the movement.

They waved flag and held signs saying, “Teach girls to be somebodies, instead of Somebody’s,” and others spoke of racism, gay rights and abortion issues. Members of Green and Social democratic parties showed up with party banners.

Marches were scheduled for Sunday in cities such as Sydney, Australia, Taipei, Buenos Aires and later in the year elsewhere.

Women in Spain held rallies this past week that were independent of the Women’s March movement but that denounced the return of the far-right in Spanish politics. On Tuesday, they protested against the right-wing coalition government taking office in Andalusia, led by the Popular Party but supported by Vox, a far-right party that secured its first parliamentary seats in elections last month.

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