Women’s March 2019: Having Trouble Keeping Up? Here’s What to Know

Women’s March 2019: Having Trouble Keeping Up? Here’s What to Know

Mallory has also been criticized for expressing support for Louis Farrakhan, who has been widely condemned for making anti-Semitic, as well as transphobic and sexist, remarks. (Mallory has said she disagrees with some of Farrakhan’s statements.)

Linda Sarsour, another one of the march’s co-chairs, has expressed solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli occupation. On the allegation that the group did not address concerns of anti-Semitism fast enough, she said: “Give us a chance.”

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In recent weeks, Jewish groups and Teresa Shook — the first person to suggest the idea of a women’s march in a 2016 Facebook post — have called for the resignations of the leaders of the national movement: Mallory, Bland, Sarsour and Carmen Perez.

Regional chapters of the Women’s March, civil rights groups and high-profile allies — including the Democratic Party, which until recently was listed as a supporter on the Women’s March website — have distanced themselves from the national entity. On Thursday, Women’s March Global, a group that organizes marches around the world, sent out an email underscoring that it had never been affiliated with the national Women’s March.

Meanwhile, even the name “Women’s March” is causing conflict, with four organizations suing the national Women’s March organization over its efforts to trademark it.

“It was never meant to belong to one group,” Wruble said. “It was a movement. And it should remain a movement.”

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The schism has resulted in two competing marches in New York: one led by the national Women’s March, which is billed as being led by women of color, and the other being organized by a group called the Women’s March Alliance, which is stressing its denunciation of anti-Semitism.

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