White House holds press conference as U.S. death toll tops 6,000 | USA TODAY

White House holds press conference as U.S. death toll tops 6,000 | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update.
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The world soared past the 1 million mark in confirmed coronavirus cases, jobless numbers skyrocketed, Democrats delayed their national convention and the nation’s preeminent infectious disease expert required a security detail on Thursday.

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  1. Fernando Barela

    That's a good question about voters, keep asking those questions and get answers to them because this pandemic may last a while. Though, I think if we continue to follow CDC guidelines we may be able to stabilize fairly soon, a couple of months or so. But then again, who is to really know at this point(A paradox at the moment in my mind). The eradication of the virus probly won't come until sometime next year but that will all depend upon the predication on the release of the vaccine. But please do note, that I am not a doctor in any way. I just like to keep up with things. She even said herself, that the data seems to be showing that the CDC's guidelines are indeed working. But just in case, worst case scenario, find the answers to the voter question. In my own humble opinion, I think that is the other next most important question with all what is going on, and there is a lot.

  2. Hadji Bouchrit

    The ccp Yuhan , China virsus was born in Yuhan , China ,because of the Chineses ‘close living proximity to domesticated and wild animals ; But the real reason is the fact , that the pagans communists Chineses eat all kind of wild animals (Rats, Scorpions ,…., and also unfortunately coronavirus-carrying bats !

  3. Carl Clouse

    They don't have to wear a mask you idiots cuz the death toll in none of this shit is real this is a worldwide takeover wake the hell up. He doesn't have to wear a mask he is a sovereign citizen it is your choice to self quarantine quarantine or wear a mask you people are giving our country away welcome to Communism dumb Fox

  4. mark goode

    This is kinda off topic normally i would not mention but my wife 2 days in a row has seen orbs in the video feed from white house. Here is where it gets weird the orbs are visible on 2 diff feeds.white house stream from 4/2= 2:39:072:39:22 left to right.this video 4/3 at 28:38 over reporters head in front row hovers then shoots left back to right at incredible speed try to tell her was probably just a bug but video from 4/2 orb leaves a streamer trail that is bizarre. Any ideas??

  5. Sophie Tand

    It’s hard to believe their words and all this hype, when you see that neither the president’s team, nor the journalists who scurry around, wear masks.
    Along with the WHO data that more people die from other 5-6 diseases than from the virus, all this hype is suspicious!

  6. Athuman Ramadhan

    am from Kenya,God is punishing humankind for failing to obey Him..today people live as if they created themselves ,we have forgotten our purpose of being on this planet..homosexuality,lesbianism,corruption /mischief ,sex workers,theft ,rejecting Gods revelations and messengers…if we ask for forgiveness and understand our purpose of creation and change our lifestyles ,,this plaque will end.

  7. Giac Bao

    you people stop point finger, you should be thankful that you are American or at least you are currently live on America soil. You all should thank the government and our President and his team had tried their best to keep us safe. it is time for All American people should united and do your parts to fight this hardest time ever.

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