What exactly is domestic terrorism? | USA TODAY

What exactly is domestic terrorism? | USA TODAY

What qualifies as domestic terrorism may not be what you think.

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  1. holly wiley

    Domestic terrorism is the United States politicians coming out against our president and we elected they are coming out against America when they come out against our president they are wanting him to fail therefore America fails they should all be fired

  2. Ladybug Noname

    What is dispicable about the NY governor and mayor is they, Maxine Waters, Omar, Talib and the rest of the anti Semitic leftist Socalists dems incited violence against thier political opposition saying to attack them where ever you see them, and then have the nerve to blame it on Trump. Meanwhile, they are actively working to release the ter….t stating he had mental issues. This guy will be released and walking the street with a gift bag full of gift cards and a burner cell phone provided by Cuumo and the POS mayor. And they will say it was a racist America that made him do it.

    The killing will continue.

  3. Ladybug Noname

    By the way, Americans are censored for saying the word "terr…..t". That means the terr…t are the ones protected by our government over the American people. We are the ones commiting crime if we say that word. But its ok for them to keep killing people. They are just poor misunderstood individuals….and we deserve it because we are racist, according to democrats.

  4. Johnny Johnstone

    You know if it was a white guy doing all of these attacks we would be hearing nothing but white supremacist, white supremacist, white supremacist from USA Today. So you know these guys are black or muslim or both. Because they don't like publishing that truth if they can help it. USA Today is a leftist fraud media outlet. Like many others.

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