Voters are the losers in the Wisconsin election | USA TODAY

Voters are the losers in the Wisconsin election | USA TODAY

Coronavirus hangs over Wisconsin primary, voters come out the losers
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With COVID-19 hanging over the Wisconsin primary, a failed attempt at delay, fewer polling places and worker shortages made voters the big losers.

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  1. Josh L

    Ok I'm lost?… I smoke weed n I'm always high but dont they pass out fines if we outside not working or getting essentials? And now they telling us to group up to vote for 1 of several scum bags lol is this a trick? Are all the people that went to vote gonna get a surprise ticket in the mail lol

  2. Josh L

    Pretty sure I'm good with the governor we got now that wants to keep everyone safe and away from each other til it slows the spread.. shit anyone but Scott the hypocrite pot head Walker

  3. Maria Silva

    TRUMP 2020…Drive by voting should be looked at in the future…ID required…can't trust these democrats who want more money to payoff their undocumented voters…democrats are pushing for American citizens to cough up tax fundings to pay their undocumented voters to vote for them without proper ID….quid pro quo at its purist

  4. hudsonlawrence

    Biden was part of the team that fixed the economy in 08, see the 08 Recession. Trump does not have a history of competence to face of challenge of an economy of 6,500,000 unemployed, see Trump Steaks, Trump University and the fact he didn't prepare for COVID to protect his own investments. Trump has operated as Commander In Chief like a "scam artist" real estate developer and is in debt to Deutsche Bank unlike a true conservative Republican would be- see his recent pleas to D.B.. On a side note America is not a dictatorship, this country isn't founded on divine right but meant to repudiate monarchs and dictators. The US is founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in effort to create a more perfect union deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed. See our founding documents the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

  5. Daniel Osuagwu

    DNC already picked Biden long time ago for 'down ballot' morale. It's 'malarkey' whether he has anzimers or gaffe- prove plan for anything.This is an election that 74 year-old Trump will certainly win anyway.
    Vote to make people feel good doesn't guarantee universal health plan for the 'voters'. Social distance from politicians and live.

  6. Rick Crain

    Sorry, you and your profession created the skeptic public we have today – and mail in elections just can't happen, the American people know the danger, and you writing this implies they're idiots. From all the footage it looks like things were made as safe as possible. Check your bias at the door…USA today my ass

  7. Chris Bennett

    "Even in an ordinary election," the majority reasoned, voters requesting absentee ballots at the deadline will usually receive their ballots on the day before or day of the election. For the majority, the Democrats "put forward no probative evidence in the District Court that these voters here would be in a substantially different position from late-requesting voters in other Wisconsin elections." Virus or not if you request an absentee ballot what's the difference? Allowing absentee ballot requests AFTER the election is NOT the way to go. There's too much temptation for a future tampering with the votes during future elections. These people standing in line to vote is just stupid, they should have gotten absentee ballots like everyone else did.

  8. John Doe

    In Washington state you have to use a mail in ballot, there are no voting stations. And visible from the outside of the envelope is your party affiliation. If you vote trump you "Have to" mark Republican. All the Republican checks probably get "LOST" in the mail. This is why this state is always democrat.

  9. zekethetank

    Those repukelicans will always step up and do the right thing. Draft dodge, insider trading, lie, pollute…… I hope to see all of them at church Easter Sunday. I can't afford to golf so, I'll play tournament tic tac toe at home.

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