UN report: 1 million plant and animal species nearing extinction | USA TODAY

UN report: 1 million plant and animal species nearing extinction | USA TODAY

Mother Nature is under attack.

In a sweeping, first-of-its-kind report, the United Nations on Monday said that more species now are threatened with extinction than at any time in human history, and that the exploding human population has severely altered the Earth’s land, ocean and freshwater regions.

“While the planetary garden still exists,” Thomas Lovejoy of George Mason University said about the report, “it is in deep disrepair, frayed and fragmented almost beyond recognition.”

The report said 1 million of the planet’s 8 million species of plants and animals are at risk of going extinct in the near future. Scientists blame human activities that have led to loss of habitat, climate change, overfishing, pollution and invasive species.

The pace of species loss “is already tens to hundreds of times higher than it has been, on average, over the last 10 million years,” according to the report.

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  1. Mere B

    How many individuals supporting anti science can we have in one video post?

    Thank you, USA Today for reporting. Not all of us are anti science, illiterate, and so despondent about our own lives that we want other types of living organisms to die away! Of course eventually humans will be next….you want that to just happen without a fight?

    You can’t care about other forms of life if you hate yourself! True colors are showing. 🤢

  2. Hello

    This is the #1 world issue voted by survey. Extinction of species leads to our extinction. UN bringing it to your attention because this is a matter of our survival. DIMWITS >.<

  3. John Ortiz

    Should be more worried about human beings. Money collapse Civil war natural disasters famine diseases and WW3 is coming soon. Billions will die. Call out to Jesus when in trouble. And get canned food and water bottles.

  4. abarronboy

    Amazing! “Global warming” is somehow killing animals but it is increasing the human population. “Global warming” is somehow making humans destroy more habitat where the animals live. “Global warming” somehow wants to increase taxes in America for the “government”. “Global warming” somehow spreads indoctrination into the school system. “Global warming” somehow wants socialism.

    The more a society falls from the truth, the more they hate those that speak it.

  5. Charles Brightman

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Ask yourself: How exactly do galaxies form? The current narrative is that matter, via gravity, attracts other matter.

    2. Ask yourself: How exactly do galaxies become spiral shaped in a cause and effect state of existence? At least one way would be orbital velocity of matter with at least gravity acting upon that matter, would cause a spiral shaped effect.

    3. Ask yourself: What does that mean for a solar system that exists in a spiral shaped galaxy? Most probably that solar system would be getting pulled toward the galactic gravitational center.

    4. Ask yourself: What does that mean for species that exist on a planet, that exists in a solar system, that exists in a spiral shaped galaxy, in an apparent cause and effect state of existence? Most probably that if those species don't get off of that planet, and out of that solar system, and probably out of that galaxy too, (if it's even actually possible to do for various reasons), then they are all going to die one day from something and go extinct with probably no conscious entities left from that planet to care that they even ever existed at all in the first place, much less whatever they did and or didn't do with their time of existence.

    5. Ask yourself: For those who might make it out of this galaxy, (here again, assuming it could actually be done for various reasons), where to go to next, how long to get there, how to safely land, and then, what's next? Hopefully they didn't land in another spiral shaped galaxy or a galaxy that would become spiral shaped one day, otherwise, they would have to galaxy hop through the universe to stay alive, otherwise, they still die one day from something with no conscious entities being left from the original planet to care they even ever existed at all in the first place, much less that they made it out of their own galaxy. They failed to consciously survive throughout all of future eternity.

    6. Ask yourself: What exactly matters throughout all of future eternity and to whom does it exactly and eternally matter to?

    Either at least one species truly consciously survives throughout all of future eternity somehow, someway, somewhere, in some state of existence, even if only by a continuous succession of ever evolving species, for life itself to have continued meaning and purpose to, OR none do and life itself is all ultimately meaningless in the grandest scheme of things.


    Consider the following as well:

    * There are 3 basic options for life itself, which reduce down to 2, which reduce down to only 1:

    a. We truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    b. We die trying to truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    c. We die not trying to truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    * 3 reduced down to 2:

    a. We truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    b. We don't. And note, two out of the three options above, we die.

    * 2 reduced down to 1:

    a. We truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    b. We truly don't have any conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    (And note, these two appear to be mutually exclusive. Only one way would be really true.)



    Nature is our greatest ally in so far as Nature gives us life and a place to live it, AND Nature is also our greatest enemy that is going to take it all away. (OSICA)

  6. You're Nemesis

    90% of all animals that have ever lived..have all gone
    As if they are the Masters of the world to lecture people

  7. jpcfourth

    just an FYI, 99% ALL things that have EVER existed are now extinct. Humans are a result of nature, therefore all things that humans do are a natural course. Just because it exists doesnt mean it will exist forever, this is just the human mind attempting to put some sense of control over the natural world. we are a part of it, not separate from it.

  8. UnexpectedPigeon

    Blame other countries who don't care to follow regulation. Don't say "We" as americans need to do something because we are well on the way on being the leader in recycling energy. just the other 3rd worlders don't care and rather take a dump in there own drinking and swimming water.

  9. Killa Watt

    More than 99% of all species that ever lived are extinct. They are gone. We didn't kill them all. Regardless of our activity today thousands of species that are here will be gone tomorrow – paraphrasing George Carlin

  10. Ascension 669

    UN is funded and founded by the banking cartel. Anything the UN says is to bullshit you into pushing their New World Order. If anything of substance to climate change is real, blame Earth for causing it, not the people. I doubt they had gasoline 12k years ago that decided to put all these ancient ruins under water or under piles of sand or under piles of mud. Wake up people it's all bullshit made up by Satan worshippers.

  11. Susie Que

    I've always thought, the richer countries tend to pollute the air, the poorest countries generally have the most polluted water, and everybody makes trash. The key is in how individual governments decide to clean up after themselves.

  12. Al Cor

    Children?  Grandchildren?  We were here before you, lets party and really trash this place (from someone who is not a hypocrite and says frankly, we are more important than you).Now before I get taken apart this is not what I believe or want,  it sickens me how our leaders and those before me cared more about themselves than me and other animals and plants Mother Nature gave us.

  13. Chris Nelson

    On thing in particular that really leaps off the page of this report's summary is that "Since 1992, the world's urban areas have more than doubled".
    These are vast areas that have essentially been covered over with concrete, and with human population so dense that scarcely any other living thing can exist there.

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