Uber: 3,045 Sexual Assaults Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year

Uber: 3,045 Sexual Assaults Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year

Still, Uber’s report establishes a benchmark for safety in an industry where such data has been scarce.

The report covered both the safety of riders and of Uber drivers. Drivers, passengers and third parties were all murdered. In cases of rape, Uber said that 92 percent of the reported victims were riders. But drivers reported other types of sexual assaults at roughly the same rate as riders, Uber said.

The company was not specific in its report about who the perpetrators of the incidents were.

In its sexual assault findings, Uber said it cataloged 2,936 incidents in 2017 and 3,045 in 2018, ranging from unwanted kissing of what it called a “nonsexual body part” to attempted rape and rape. The largest category was of nonconsensual touching of a “sexual body part” like someone’s mouth or genitals.

The number of fatal crashes related to Uber trips was 49 in 2017 and 58 in 2018. The statistics included collisions that occurred outside Uber vehicles, such as when a passenger was struck after exiting a ride, and crashes in which Uber drivers were not at fault.

Uber disclosed 10 murders in 2017 and nine in 2018. Over that period, seven drivers were killed, eight were passengers, and four were third parties, like bystanders outside the Uber vehicles, the company said.

Throughout its report, Uber emphasized that 99.9 percent of its trips were safe and that it was taking an unusual step by releasing the data in the first place. Sexual violence experts agreed that publishing the numbers was an important step in combating abuse across the industry.

“That a company is willing to peel back the drapes and let us look into what is happening is, to me, the success,” said Cindy Southworth, the executive vice president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence and a member of Uber’s safety advisory board, which looks at safety issues.

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