Top 5 2020 Grammy moments | USA TODAY

Top 5 2020 Grammy moments | USA TODAY

Grammy 2020: Tributes to Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle; Billie Eilish big winner
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The 2020 Grammy Awards included many influential moments with a Kobe Bryant tribute and Billie Eilish winning the top four awards of the night.

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  1. Sean

    It's such a shame that the rock and metal community doesn't get the credit it deserves at these shows. The people that took home those awards aren't even rock groups. Plus how does the same guy win best rock song and performance as well as best blues album. This is complete bullshit.

  2. trail mark

    America has got it's hero it is good to know but not everybody can be a hero…There is nothing more damning to me coming off a living planet than human consciousness in spirit with life bullying young children (virgins) into killing themselves. Why why are we making laws and proposing ideologies that allows this to happen?

    I was watching CNN when something disturbing came over the air. The commentator started saying that Trump and or 'Trumpism' have become normalized. He was saying how much that affected money and globalization. What scares me is that the kids of tomorrow are going to have to accept the bullies of today. Here is one example: Donald Trump at one of his rallies starts telling people that the "Democrats are the party of crime and that we have to fight them". Soon after a man begins sending pipe bombs to well-known Democrats and government offices. There is a law against this it is called insurrection…The law prohibits the incitement, assistance, and participation in a rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States and its laws. The Democratic Party works both in the house representatives and the United States Senate. The punishment for this crime is a fine, a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison, and ineligibility for public office. Putting this in contrast with more of the news showing up today. A young girl gets out of prison early for convincing her boyfriend that he should kill himself and a disturbing picture emerges. What bothers me is why people cannot make the analogy between the two for themselves. The worst part has to do with censorship, everything that is being said here has been censored on all the major news agencies coming off of the Internet today. I am going to keep resubmitting which includes a link to a a video that shows this as it happened. To me it seems so ridiculous that the impeachment of the president is all over the news when the reality seems to dictate that it goes against the grain to actually do so especially removing him from office. It is good public relations for a government to pretend like it cares when in reality it doesn't. So what is Trumpism again? I believe it is a meaning that goes with the understanding in law that protects bullies so they can cause spiritual and bodily harm to other people. There are many laws on the books that don't mean anything, why is insurrection one of them?

  3. Markus E

    That Billie the kid…These Grammys are so stinking fixed and manipulated. There is NO way she deserved all those wins. She did not merit such credit. Oh my goodness. She writes much of the lyrics but look at the outcome: cheap and basic boring music. It's a surprise that Ariana Grende didn't win anything, seeing how her manager Pays Off all sorts of people/music services to have his clients have huge hits, and has Big influence in these awards. Lana should have won for Album of the Year, Lewis Capaldi for song and and record of the year…These Grammys are a mess. I am so happy that Lizzo didn't win much either, her "music" is poor at best. Usher did Great with the Prince Tribute, and I am glad some tribute was paid to Kobe.

  4. itzkosi_ xo

    I really dont get it. If u guys dont like the grammys, why watch it? If u guys not like the artists, why speak of them? If u guys are disgusted, why think or look at it or even watch this video? And also if yall are like this hating u really and i mean really needa life cuz u guya got nun to do but hate on everything. Everything looks like clout chase to yall. Nun ppl do is ever done right for yall. Like wat—– just make up ur mind nd get a life, its that easy

  5. Chris Hallow

    I’m not saying that Billie eliish isn’t dope nor am I saying she dosen’t deserve to win any awards…but the fact that she won all 4 awards of her last album shows where the state music is in now a days. I thought she was just gonna get best album and new rookie of the year…congrats anyways

  6. extra solar

    some songs about the corporate medias political corruption lack of domestic credibility loss of global respect and all the polluted ineffective marketing projects they try to offer the public as some kind of standard for cultural significance, would have been better perhaps. or some performances warning or alerting the dangers of sars, also.

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