Tim Lovejoy cuts off Simon Rimmer as he admits to ‘getting names wrong’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Tim Lovejoy cuts off Simon Rimmer as he admits to ‘getting names wrong’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The blunder came after chatting with guests Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson when the topic of love became the focus on Sunday Brunch.

Tim and Simon quizzed the pair about matchmaking and romance ahead of their return to screens on E4 dating show Celebs Go Dating.

In doing so, Tim and Simon opened the conversation to Sunday Brunch viewers, encouraging fans to send in their own photos from when they first met to now.

The Channel 4 show was inundated with responses on social media and Tim shared the pictures with viewers.

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However, in doing so, it transpired he had got all of the names wrong for each photo.

The mistake went unnoticed until later on in the programme when Simon got to grips with a new dish in the kitchen and Tim butted in to address the error.

Simon was prepping a dish when Tim jumped in: “While you’re dressing those I have an announcement, it’s very important,

“We got all the names wrong on the last callout with the photos!”

Tim went on: “The second picture was Ben and Theresa from 2010 and their second photo was from 2020.

“And Jane and Ian were back in 1984, they had been married for 34 years, so apologies to you all.”

Despite addressing the clear and obvious blunder, the Sunday Brunch host couldn’t help but make light of the situation.

Tim finished his announcement by quipping: “I hope it wasn’t too traumatic and I hope you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday.”

The cast and crew of the Channel 4 show shared a snigger before the action soon returned to Simon in the kitchen.

This wasn’t the first time Tim had to say sorry to viewers this morning following an interview with actor Rachael Stirling.

Tim and Simon had quizzed the actor about her marriage to Elbow frontman Guy Garvey.

When discussing how they first met, Rachael inadvertently swore by saying she was “p*****” when they met.

Sunday Brunch continues every Sunday on Channel 4.

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