'They are human beings': Elijah Cummings yells at acting DHS chief | USA TODAY

'They are human beings': Elijah Cummings yells at acting DHS chief | USA TODAY

Rep. Elijah Cummings blasts acting DHS chief over detention facilities.

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The hearing held by House Democrats targeted Trump administration’s immigration policies and the rapidly deteriorating conditions in detention centers. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan was hammered for hours by a congressional panel that pressed him on overcrowding in migrant detention facilities and other issues involving his department.

McAleenan’s appearance Thursday before the House Oversight and Reform Committee centered on his role in separating migrant children from their families, conditions at the detention centers and a secret Facebook group where purported border agents mocked lawmakers and dead migrants.

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  1. Jesse H

    This idiot's own former president and their administration did that. Since they have no shame what so ever blame everyone else except themselves. The districts they come from shows all the proof everyone needs and they still don't get it.

  2. Debbie Munn

    Yet he still seems to forget about our children here! Especially the ones that are alive and well at 9 months old at an abortion clinic that are kept warm and fed till the person who brought this life into the world says No I Don’t Want It!

  3. Star Dust

    When it comes to CUMMINGS— HE NEED TO BE INVESTIGATE — If Cummings thinks he is better then that, then why are his people living like that in his own home state ?????????? Where was he when this was happening for decades here in USA under Obama administration ???????

  4. Frank rakich

    Yeah the memory and the memory of those children are going to be you not wanting to help with the problem you and the whole Democratic party do not want to help with the problem because you are the problem the Democratic party is the fuking problem

  5. Marie Tajalle

    What about the American children and the families who are being murdered or terrorized by these immigrants? What about the American people who elected you to help them, senator? Get off your high horse and stop these immigrant criminals. Or why don't you put them at your house for awhile since you care more about them than the American people. Bam…. solution solved. Democraps should open their homes to these people they think are more important.

  6. Doug Rutter

    Democrats helping with the situation!!!.. oh no,,, distracting people from the problem.. I honestly don't know how they sleep at night… put a camera out there and they'll be there… saving America… and don't disagree with them coz they'll call you a racist… long live the Fraud squad… God save America

  7. Indukuri Raju

    Maybe because Bush and Trump have instilled enough fear to worry about own shadows, I do not blame you. Fear is the most powerful motivator. But maybe if you can let the data speak for itself, we can get rid of many unreasonable fears. Let us all try to think logically and rationalize our feelings.

  8. Praise God

    Chairman Cummings is as bad as AOC in spreading lies. It was Congress that refused to fund HS & HHS, for four months, despite desperate pleas from HS to do so.
    And here is AOC lying about conditions at the centers:
    Congress has an agenda. First they must cause the problem, so they can spin it 180 degrees and blame their opponents. They are despicable.

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