The Last Czars cast: Who is in the cast of The Last Czars on Netflix? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Last Czars cast: Who is in the cast of The Last Czars on Netflix? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Last Czars examines the fall of Tsar Nicholas II and the collapse of the monarchy in Russia. The documentary-drama series begins in 1868 and continues to Nicholas II’s death in July 1918 in the aftermath of the Russian revolution. The show combines historians describing events as well as dramatic re-enactments – here’s what you need to know about the cast of the Netflix series.

Who is in the cast of The Last Czars on Netflix?

Tsar Nicholas II – Robert Jack

Robert Jack plays Tsar Nicholas II in the television series, who was the last Emperor of Russia.

The monarch ruled from 1894 until his forced abdication in 1917 following the February Revolution.

Taken with his family to Tobolsk, Nicholas, Alexandra and their daughter Maria were executed in 1918.

Viewers will recognise actor Jack from his appearances in Gary Tank Commander as Jacko and as Sebastian April in Princess Emmy.

Alexandra – Susanna Herbert

British actor Susanna Herbert plays Alexandra, the wife of Nicolas II.

The Last Czars is her most high-profile role, but she has also starred in television series Suspicion and the film Patient Zero


Grigori Rasputin – Ben Cartwright

Ben Cartwright plays Grigori Rasputin in the series, who was a Russian mystic and holy man who befriended Alexandra.

He went on to become the healer for Alexei, the only heir to the Russian throne, who suffered from haemophilia.

Cartwright spoke to about taking on the iconic character.

He said: “I knew exactly who Rasputin was. Soon as you hear the name you can see the image, it immediately flashes in your head, the person.”

Cartwright added: “I find it really interesting to think of him as this holy wanderer, this religious pilgrim, restless spirit who is seeking salvation and enlightenment.”

Cartwright is a British actor who is recognisable form his role as Neil Clifton in Coronation Street.


Anastasia – Gabija Pazusyte

Perhaps the most famous of Tsar Nicholas II’s children was the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna.

She is played in the show by Lithuanian actor Gabija Pazusyte who makes her screen debut in the series.

Anastasia was killed with the rest of her family on July 17, 1918, but as her remains were not uncovered much later, leading to many rumours that she had escaped.

This was fuelled by many women claiming to be the lost princess until her remains were found in 2017.

Pierre Gillard – Oliver Dimsdale

Oliver Dimsdale stars as Pierre Gillard, the French former tutor to the Romanov children in the drama.

Dimsdale is an English actor who is best known for known for playing Louis Trevelyan in the BBC TV serial He Knew He Was Right.

The Netflix documentary-drama also stars Steffan Boje as Dr. Schmidt and Bernice Stegers as Minnie.

The Last Czars is streaming on Netflix now

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