The Heist on Sky: Detective reveals contestants made one big error with their phones | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Heist on Sky: Detective reveals contestants made one big error with their phones | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

However, an officer on the case has revealed an early vital flaw the participants made in the Sky series.

If they can keep hold of their share of the loot and remain at large, the “thieves” are allowed to keep the cash.

So of course, the amateur criminals did everything they thought necessary to cover their tracks.

However, one police analyst, Paula Grant, highlighted that the contestants managed to do one thing which helped to identify them with ease.

Speaking to press including, Paula said: “We used things like their phones, phone data [to track them].

“They kept their phones on which is actually one of the things I thought they’d not do if they’d watched any programmes but they kept their phones on and we were able at least start to identify people that way.”

She added: “I think we got very close very quickly.”

However, it remains to be seen if any of the participants will be captured as it was clearly a tough case to crack.

Another member of the team, Ray Howard, former Detective Superintendent of Thames Valley Police, confessed the process was a “tough gig”.

He divulged: “Obviously I was the deputy, I was there to keep Sue [Hill] sane and to keep me sane, it was a tough gig really. My background largely has been in intelligence and serious organised crime and we went into this completely cold.

“The people we were looking for had no criminal record, we had no intelligence on them whatsoever and I don’t think I really foresaw how difficult that was going to be.

“Because generally in my day to day work up until recently, if there had been a crime like this I’d have got into the intelligence department and said ‘who’s good for it? Give me your top ten people who are good for it’ and chances are, nine times out of ten, the right people would’ve been in that list that I got, but there was none of that here.”

The investigation was headed by Sue Hill, a retired Senior Detective from the Met Police.

She was surprised at the efforts of the 10 participants and said viewers would find how deceitful they were “entertaining”.

“Can I tell you I have worked with some of the most wicked, evil people,” she explained. “I just think what you are going to find the most entertaining is that these people are hard faced stone cold liars!”

The six-part series will see police track the would-be criminals to see if they can get enough evidence to pin them to the crime.

Although, initially the detectives had no idea who was involved and how many people took part.

Producer Matt Bennett explained how the idea for the show was created.

He said: “It started on the premise of what do you do when you find ten quid on the street, do you hand it in to the cop shop or do you put it in your back pocket?

“So you take that and you expand it. What if you found £10,000, £50,000, what would you do with it?”

The Heist airs tonight at 9pm on Sky One and Now TV.

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