The Best Razor Monthly Subscription Services Of 2020

The Best Razor Monthly Subscription Services Of 2020

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Now that it’s the season of shorts and short sleeves, you might be looking for hair removal products that’ll keep you groomed until your next salon appointment.

While places like Flamingo, Oui the People and Bliss have essentials for shaving and waxing, there are sites that’ll send you recurring razors or razor blade deliveries so you remember to switch them out before they start getting grimy.

Before you start slathering on the shaving cream, however, you should be sure to swap out your razor every couple of weeks. Experts who spoke to HuffPost stressed that it’s better to make hair-removal choices right now that you can easily maintain at home. (That is, you might want to stick to shaving just the sides of your bikini line for now).

Check out these subscription services that’ll send you razors every month:

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