Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir Charged in Connection With Protester Deaths

Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir Charged in Connection With Protester Deaths

CAIRO — Sudan’s former president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, has been charged in connection with the deaths of protesters killed during demonstrations that led to his ouster last month, the nation’s public prosecutor said in a statement.

In a statement on Monday, the prosecutor’s office accused Mr. al-Bashir and others of “inciting and criminal complicity” in the deaths of demonstrators, according to Sudan’s official news agency.

The military council that has been running Sudan since Mr. al-Bashir’s ouster on April 11 said it has been holding him at Kober prison in Khartoum, the capital. Prosecutors previously said they intended to question Mr. al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan for 30 years, about allegations of money laundering.

The news agency report said Mr. al-Bashir would be held accountable for the death of “the martyr Babikir,” a possible reference to Dr. Babiker Salama, a 27-year-old doctor from a middle-class family who was killed in protests in January, and whose death became a rallying point for activists.

In recent weeks, prosecutors have been seeking witnesses and gathering evidence in relation to the death of the young doctor, according to a relative who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation. Dr. Babiker’s family had not decided whether to press charges against the security official who shot him or against the top government officials who they believe bear ultimate responsibility for his death.

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