Strictly Come Dancing: Ore Oduba reveals biggest regret despite win | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Strictly Come Dancing: Ore Oduba reveals biggest regret despite win | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Ore Oduba stunned viewers with his dance moves, which led him to swiping the Glitterball Trophy in 2016, but the star has one huge regret from his time on the dance floor.

With the pros starting rehearsals for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing in less than two weeks, former stars of the show have been reminiscing on their favourite performances.

A few years have gone by since Ore won Strictly Come Dancing, beating finalists Danny Mac and Louise Redknapp to the Glitterball Trophy on the BBC show.

With ballroom world champion Joanna Clifton by his side, Ore wowed judges show after show, ending on the winning performances of the American Smooth to Singing in the Rain followed by a show dance to I Got Rhythm.

The last performance, proved the most memorable for fans after the pair scored yet another perfect score on their jive routine to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars.

However, despite the star having the time of his life on the show and meeting his talented dance partner and friends, the BBC presenter does have one thing he would change if he could turn back the time.

For the couple’s Waltz in week five of the show, the star made a brave sacrifice all in the name of costume design.

Ore explained: “Maybe one thing, I maybe wouldn’t have asked the wardrobe team to tear up and re-stitch up my wedding shirt.

“But hey, I got to dance the Waltz on Strictly come dancing in my wedding shirt so it was very special.

“We went back and fourth about what shirt I was gonna wear, they had their best seamstresses and best wardrobe team in the country, and there I am going ‘I think I’ve got a better white shirt back at the hotel if we can get that one’

“They attached these white pants to my wedding shirt and after going back and fourth about what shirt I was going to wear it really didn’t make a difference.”

However, the star did seem to make peace with his decision to tear up the wedding shirt in the end.

Ore continued: “But, I did get to wear my wedding shirt in front of my wife in the end.

“You don’t often get to wear your wedding outfit again and I got to wear mine on strictly come dancing with 12 million people watching so yeah that’s quite cool!”

Moreover, there seems to be no bad blood between Ore and his wife Portia after he chose to give his wedding shirt the chop, with the 2016 champion revealing he couldn’t have done it without the her support.

The star explained: “My wife was a huge part of it from day one and it would’ve been so different if she hadn’t been, I actually don’t think we would’ve got to where we did.

“If she hadn’t have come, I couldn’t have committed as much. Not if she wasn’t a part of it.”

Other than the sacrifice of his shirt from the big day, Ore revealed he wouldn’t change anything else about his experience of a lifetime.

He said: “Apart from that I wouldn’t change a thing because I was with an amazing group of amazing people, we’re all great friends now.

“We had the ride of our lives, we had dance offs we had incredible highs with the first tens of the series.”

The star spoke about about his experience following his recent partnership with EDF energy to launch it’s new Electric summer adventures campaign, which aims to champion British staycations with an ‘electric adventure’ in an electric vehicle.


The popular presenter said: “I’m all for it! We’re a young family, we love to see our little guy running around, we have one of the most beautiful landscapes, some of the most stunning places in the world right on our doorstep.

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To help motorists explore more of the UK this summer, EDF Energy has partnered with Ore, to create a number of free staycation holidays, complete with an electric vehicle, where the only cost to the guest is the charge of the electric vehicle (which could cost as little as £3.43).

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Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC One later this year.

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