Stranger feeds chained dog for a year I Animalkind

Stranger feeds chained dog for a year I Animalkind

Laura looked after a stranger’s chained up dog for an entire year, feeding her and fighting for her freedom every day until she won. 🐶🙌
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Laura was on her way home when she spotted this akita chained to a tree. She began visiting her several times a week to bring treats and love but the visits took a more serious turn when Laura noticed signs of neglect.


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  1. Carol Williams

    No, a doghouse ISN'T all that's required. Most shelters are legally allowed to euthanize owner turned in animals even same day, if necessary because of overcrowding. It's just the height of disregard to surrender an animal when an interested party has been inquiring. Shyte owners like that should be permanently prohibited from ever "possessing" another pet.

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