Several wounded in shooting at Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma

Several wounded in shooting at Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma

At least three people were shot Monday at a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma, according to multiple media reports.


A dispatcher for Duncan police told USA TODAY that officers were on the scene of an “incident” at the store.

The Duncan Banner, citing police, reported that three people were dead, including the gunman. Schools in the city were on lockdown, the media outlet reported.

At the Ace Hardware store about a block south of the Walmart in Duncan, cashier Austyn Fenwick said the store was notified of the incident but is carrying on business as usual.

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  1. jasmine flower

    People need to address that they feel depressed, OR address that they want 15 minutes of fame. These shooting recently have me up to here. I've had enough. Parents, spouses, friends, cousins, enemies, if you think something is going on , IT IS!! REPORT IMMEDIATELY. Enough is enough!!!

  2. P KE

    America where guns are more valued than humans. And before the hicks start. Cars were made for transportation. Knives you can throw but no guarantee you will hit one person and you might stab someone before getting taken down. Knives sole purpose is to cut materials & food. Guns were created to kill.

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