Senators speak ahead of impeachment vote | USA TODAY

Senators speak ahead of impeachment vote | USA TODAY

Each senator was given ten minutes of speaking time to talk on the Senate floor.
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Senators are set to explain their positions on impeachment ahead of a final vote Wednesday on whether acquit President Donald Trump or remove him from office.

After House impeachment managers and Trump’s defense team finished their closing arguments Monday, senators were given time to speak on the trial. Those speeches are expected to continue Tuesday.

Only a handful of senators remain publicly uncommitted on their final impeachment votes, and some might use the speeches as an opportunity to explain their position to their constituents.

The speeches also come the same day Trump will give his State of the Union address.

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    How stupid are people today? If Trump is guilty of asking for something to get something Ummm why is Biden still running for president. But their own argument Biden is guilty just shows they only care about power and not justice and the constitution.

  2. Donna Martins

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