Senate announces coronavirus stimulus deal, reaches trillions of dollars | USA TODAY

Senate announces coronavirus stimulus deal, reaches trillions of dollars | USA TODAY

Senate announces third coronavirus relief bill.
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A third coronavirus stimulus package was announced by the Senate, reaching $2 trillion and including direct payments to individuals and hospitals.

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  1. I Am you.

    It's an attempt to save capitalism. Quit sure stock holders are going to flock to U.S. treasures as markets crumble. This will bankrupt America along with its treasures and the dollar will be eliminated. Every nation using the petro dollar is going to hyperinflate to unheard of records. Import dependent nations are going to starve as prices skyrocket. This is the dollar's last stand, but it will fall. Printing fiat money to bail out corporations is just to create another debt bubble. When the Dow hits 18.000 say your prays, market analyst will say GDP will bounce back in half a year but it won't. The depth of the collapse will greatly depend on industry sectors. The agenda is a one world currency.

  2. Phyllis Foster

    Well I'd rather see it go to struggling Americans who are being massively impacted by lay offs, lack of medical insurance and an uncertain future than to pump trillions into our bottomless Military arsenal and global conflicts that we seem to happily fund whether its warranted or not. This is a "wake up call" that our h Country has been on the wrong path for some time now. We have a President who has no regard for the environment, for the average worker who keeps this great country afloat or for the millions of honest, hard working Americans who cannot get sick because medical insurance is out of their reach! We have a President who has no regard or respect for decency, responsible leadership or the counsel of experts. It's time we realize that greed and arrogance can only reign for so long before the system completely crumbles. The crumbling has begun.

  3. vermary

    This bill is ridiculous, most of the money should be going to the healthcare system to overcome the pandemic and to give the unemploy money to survive and not to help the corporation. Let the corporation go broke. They used their tax cut and purchase stocks. Let them go broke.

  4. Surger Scream

    Will we have the coronavirus in our blood for LIFE??

    Is it like HIV? Will coronavirus turn into


    Just because someone with coronavirus

    no longer has the flu…

    Will that virus attack our white blood cell

    and we will die like that?

    WHy won't they give us more info about that?

  5. Martin Morris

    This package will not help the average middle-class family because the income caps are low. Congress is helping lie income families but providing nothing to middle class families. Capping the "relief checks" for anyone making $99,000 in 2018 won't help someone who was laid off in 2020 due to this virus. It also won't help a middle class family with children when both parents exceeded the cap in 2018 and now one of both parents got laid off or is working at home for half pay.

  6. Zachary DeMetro

    I am 20 years old. College student. Have had an on the books job since I was 14. From my understanding I won’t receive any $$ bc my parents claim me as dependents, and my parents won’t receive any money for me bc I’m an adult??? Can anyone confirm this ?

  7. Space Cadet

    Giving most of the money to the medical corporation makes no sense, business is booming so they say. This is like saying during good times the car rental corporation needs billions because of a car shortage during spring break. What an absolute fraud and scam and look who ends up paying for it, the one's that actually need it. Dumb on with this. I'm angry.

  8. Mike Breler

    What a greedy bunch of self serving provisions in this relief package! The government wants to give money only to businesses and individual tax payers so that they can get resume paying taxes once they get back on their feet.

    But hey if you're not paying taxes or if you owe IRS taxes (never mind that you likely can't pay or are uncollectible due to poverty), or are getting minimum social security and depend on food banks and/or food stamp cards to eat; well then you don't get the benefits of the safety net. No lifeline for you as prices soar for everything!

    You can just lose your tiny apartment and join the homeless. You can deal with the higher food prices with what little money you have to buy food since all the grocery stores will once again jack up prices knowing everyone will have cash in their wallets. But not you the really poor with a higher percentage of suicidal tendencies as it is; No you can just die we don't care cause you don't pay taxes and therefore cannot be considered an American citizen.

    The government might consider giving you a one time tax break for your funeral expenses if you die during the emergency window of time! But hey if the state just cremates you cause there is no money in your "estate" to pay for a funeral, well then you won't qualify.

  9. ilyas qand

    Corona should kill us we all poor ppl get shit only rich gets more richer poor families with kids and paying tax half of their checks get screw because nobody care of poor ppl rich has power with their money I have a lot to say but nothing will help better to die with virus

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