Sen. Elizabeth Warren pledges no PAC money for 2020 presidential race

Sen. Elizabeth Warren pledges no PAC money for 2020 presidential race

At her rally Lawrence, Massachusetts, the Democratic senator officially announced her bid for president and promised not to take any money from super PAC’s or lobbyists during her campaign.

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  1. T Mc

    Being proud of an ancestor, no matter how far back is not wrong. She gained nothing by her pride of family, nothing was taken away from a single Native America. I wonder if fred trump gained anything from claiming he was Swedish and trump perpetuating the lie until the 1980's?

  2. Dutch

    By the shore of Gitche Gumee,
    By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
    At the doorway of her wigwam,
    In the pleasant Summer morning,
    Elizabeth Warren stood and waited.
    Dark beside her loomed a creature.
    Not The socialist Bernie
    Not the globalist Hillary Clinton
    But a single anti swamp creature
    A creature despised by communists
    The president Donald Trump.
    Eek, cried the native American Elizabeth
    Down the road she went a running
    Past the desk of Charlie Schumer
    Past the desk of no service Blumenthal
    Ran until she could run no more
    Through the great spirit’s purple evening
    Her cry rang out in the great spirit’s twilight
    “I’m gonna get me a beer.”

  3. shure46

    Okay , so instead of telling us where you are NOT taking money from , just tell us where you ARE taking money from ….. I will clue you in as to one source – UNIONS , which are as wealthy as any billionaire corporations …. See how sneaky these people are ??? If you think she will only take money from "regular people in $10 donations" you are one naive dope …… She's as crooked as anyone is and she will find sneaky ways to get boatloads of money and then she will "return favors" en masse if elected …. Her platform is to Unionize every job in America !!!!!!!

  4. shure46

    Democrats will bankrupt America and destroy our economy ….. Good luck moving goods with electric semi-trucks , or building skyscrapers with electric cranes and cement trucks …… good luck paying for free stuff for everyone including handing checks to lazy people …. good luck with open borders and legalized heroin and meth amphetamine killing your kids …. good luck with no law enforcement and violent gangs wreaking havoc in your cities ….. good luck with syringes littering your streets , good luck with going back to 800 billion dollar trade deficits , good luck with all government costs like a drivers license or building permit skyrocketing , good luck with waiting 2 years to add a room to your house and just the permitting fees will cost $20,000 (LIKE THEY DO IN CALIFORNIA NOW)…. good luck with flooding America with all of Mexico , Central America and South America , massively raising our population to a billion people in no time ….. Better acquire a taste for cats , dogs , and rats , because that's what you'll be eating if our population hits a billion people ….. Democrats are insane , and if you vote for them , you are absolutely nuts …. and if you actually think "billionaires will suffer" you're stupid …. Do you think Zuckerberg is going to LOSE MONEY ???? Oprah is going to vote Democrat so they can take half her money ???? Don't be stupid , those people have so many tax shelters they will NEVER lose money under Democrats , but the upper middle class whites ??? They will be IMPOVERISHED which is the whole idea of their taxation plan …. There will be huge tax hits on the middle and upper middle class (mostly whites but yes others too) however the "minorities" will not lose out because their will be tons of new "minority protection laws" to keep them from losing money ….. The attack will be on middle class whites , and middle class males per usual …. All the new "perks" will be "minority and female friendly" , negating any tax losses for those groups …. If you think I am lying or just being a racist …. Obamacare EXEMPTED illegal aliens from paying the Mandatory Enrollment fees/penalties for health care ….. ALL American citizens were penalized if they did not pay for health insurance , yet ALL illegal aliens were EXEMPT from those fines , handing them health care on our backs , and we paid for it , not them …. It was right there on the website "exemptions page" , illegals were EXEMPTED ….. 20 million people handed free shit while we paid for it , 95% of illegals are non whites , so you can yap all you want , I know exactly what I'm talking about

  5. Dra O

    This is laughable. She is definitely delusional if she thinks she can win. She’s literally nothing: no history, no success, zero personality. Surrounded by people saying, “Yes, you can WIN this – Americans LOVE you, especially the common, working man.” While they laugh behind her back.

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