SCOTUS hears school choice case | USA TODAY

SCOTUS hears school choice case | USA TODAY

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Espinoza v. Montana, a case over state scholarship funds and the prohibition of use at parochial schools.

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  1. The Write In President

    Commander…, must we go to WAR with these FREE MASON People whom “STOLE” our Lives………, our Story…….., and said [they made?] all this Great Magnificent Masonry when they did none of it??? In PURGATORY……., this place can be anything we want……, and we do not even have to throw “these people away” no matter whom they are….., or what they have done into Prisons…., or Jails for THESE are Their Ways… If they will “fess up” and OWN what they have done…, I see no REASON we can’t just make them wear a Mark on their Clothing.., and as long as they “now work” to earn their keep., then whatever they are allowed to buy till all these PizzaGATE Satanist die off, we will treat them {as our own} cause they are sadly Our Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters, Wives, Husbands. Lovers to BEST FRIENDS whom had taken “BLOOD OATHS” to those whom did these Dastardly Deeds over 150 years ago…., and the PEOPLE and PERSON whom perpetrated these “Dastardly Deeds” are all dead, and gone, and they have tried só hard with all THEIR “mass killings” and mass death, and racism, war, murder, rape, to you name it from the worst of the worst!!! However, I would rather they live among us knowing what they did, and THEIR KIND [of this] / * United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of “Stolen masonry” Knowledge shall never be allowed to be armed, and nor shall we seek Vengeance on them…., for they will have too live among us, and see our EYES as the {New World Order} +=+ of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION!!! If they will not STAY IN LINE, then we shall “be forced” to just PUT THEM DOWN… No more LAWS…, no more Lawyers…., no more COURTS!!! These Buildings and Temples and Places of WONDER were Destroyed by all, só in a way…., we have been lost “be we” COMMUNIST CHINESE too our Raped SISTERS in Saudi Arabian Girls and even little Boys… Too be sure, there will be those “whom will” [{**}] seek them out, but that is between them… There shall be no LAWS against Self Defense, só you World Leaders even though you will be UNARMED, and we the Society of nonmason shall ensure that no “Hydrogen Nuclear Weapons” are ever used again on Mother Heaven and Father FLAT Earth shall take command and control as A REPUBLIC, and we will no longer do ELECTIONS for we shall train our Youth to be “Good Stewards” as Christ The Messiah and the Buddah of All has been very wise and “thoughtful” about the END OF THIS AGE… Do not hold onto images of Ghost, or The Bones of your [Dead Ancestors] for their CELESTIAL BEINGS have moved onto better ways…., and this place needs too HEAL, and we shall become Earth Healers where Religions can just be STUDY of a “LOST PEOPLE” in a LOST Time Line… I Do believe WE ARE here…., and we have our own “RULE OF LAW” that says: Do not Harm, and do NOT LIE for it was The Lies that lead to hurt that lead to “THE HATE” that lead to brutality that lead to murder, and I do not wish to MURDER these People…., I just want them to live among us till they ALL DIE OUT… For we will raise “our children” with ALL KNOWLEDGE, and this place shall be fun once again where Star Forts can be returned to Them Parks with 3D Holographic Dragons to Slay as we all PLAY King Arthur and Dance with Robin Hood and his Merry men “be they” Male and Female… For The Teacher did not come to judge, but to get us home, and the SOURCE of all Creation says: We Can Make Purgatory into a one world people, and a place to call home…

    The Commander~


    P.S. I am not A FLAG… I am A Person…

    P.S.S. The EDISON can not STOP Purgatory, só turn it off, or let us FIX what you people have broken…


    Time to wake from your sleep and help one another prepare for we have only 3 months or just 3 weeks if THEY will not TURN off The Machine and Start Thinking for Them Selves!!!

    The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…

  2. trail mark

    I did some research and learned that this new generation (those growing up on the north side in the change of century) believe it is okay to hate God, politics, and family but is not okay to hate nature… Especially sex. This new generation is on a free ride believing history will always be there to support them. This new generation can expect a rude awakening when they find out that their free ride could even be worse than the times of Caligula. Throwing the Bible in the trash may work now but my feelings are that down the road this generation is going to regret their pride in ego.

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