Sandy Hook group releases disturbing video on anniversary

Sandy Hook group releases disturbing video on anniversary

Family members who lost loved ones six years ago during a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary want people to know the signs of a possible school shooter.

Sandy Hook Promise, an advocacy group against gun violence, recently released a video called “Point of View” that takes viewers through a student’s day who is consistently overlooked and ignored.

In the video, it appears to be class election day. A student walks to school behind a student on the phone, then a girl who embraces friends. The student isn’t passed flyers by another student asking people to vote for her on two occasions. A library scene shows another student reading a message posted to social media: “Tomorrow you’ll all be sorry.”

A locker room scene shows the student being bumped in the locker. In another scene, the student is called a “stupid freak.”

Then, the video shows the student unzipping a duffle bag, grabbing a gun inside, walking into an auditorium and shouting “Look at me!”

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  1. Willy Encinas

    First of all how would the government regulate that. Second, Of course the person is “white.” Third, these videos aren’t gonna help. We need more civilized people so are armed ready to stop some crazy person like this

  2. RichWitGame

    The ultimate authoritarian goal is to turn the rights which the Bill of Rights was written to protect, in to privileges that will be lorded over by a bureaucracy. To them the truth is a nonissue. That is why they lie about the complete ineffectiveness of gun control. It's why they lie about the capabilities of firearms and deceptively mislabel weapons in order to demonize guns and gun owners. It's why they bombard people with censored data and expurgated stats. It's why refuse to have an open debate about the unfettered facts and the whole truth.

    It's disgusting how tragedies and even kids are being manipulated and exploited by an anti individual rights agenda. They're using fear to evoke peoples' emotional attachment to their propaganda, which is purely based on lies and half truths.
    The truth is violent crime and homicide rates, which includes mass murder and mass shootings, are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. Kids today are not living in a time where they are more likely to be murdered. But they've been dupped into believing this utter fantasy by anti rights propaganda and the incompetent puppet media, who peddle this lie every day.
    Not only were the violent crime and homicide rates in Australia declining years before they implemented gun restrictions and bans but saw a trend reversal and increase shortly after their implementation. The reality is that neither gun bans or restrictions have shown correlation to reduction in overall violent crime or homicide rates, and violent crime and homicide rates in the US are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. That's why anti 2nd Amendment advocates don't show data on trending overall violent crime or homicide rates compared to gun possession or availability rates. It doesn't support the false anti rights. It doesn't matter even if you have ZERO gun crime or ZERO gun homicide. If overall violent crime or homicide rates go up or continue as previously trending then ZERO lives were saved.
    The bans and restrictions being proposed will do nothing to save lives. They have already been proven completely ineffective. The deadliest mass murders aren't even perpetrated with guns. Removing one method of violence without removing the propensity for violence will save ZERO lives. They are nothing more than a means to undermine the 2nd Amendment and move the US closer to complying with the European Firearms Directive. As long as weapons exist and people have the right to life, then people have the right to be armed in defense of life.–5E series/vt/1-9/vt01.html series/tandi/341-360/tandi359.html

  3. joshua Haynes

    Promise ? Promise to what not have little govt circus towns setup for propaganda to spur propaganda about schools that are shut down for hurricane damage used for terrorist traing mock up that gets spun into fake propaganda…there a video where a lawyer meets with these school officals and the interviewing will make your jaw drop about how deceptive this really is

  4. jayboxerj

    Sandy hook released this.
    Yet no one knew Adam lanza. ..
    He alledgely shot up elementary school kids with a better kill percentage then the greatest military gunman ever.
    The official story said "Their were both signs .."
    So the video shows that the only males are either abusive or the shooter…
    So I'm assuming the girl running for president (blonde) and the guy symbolized Trump and Hillary ? The flier a pink hat ?
    What are your thoughts on the propaganda ?

  5. Daryl Leckt

    what will it take to save innocent americans from the gun lust and mass shootings by conservatives?
    detention in far away re-education camps.
    if the bloodlust cant be removed from the minds of the conservative, then more aggressive action needs to be taken.
    conservatism has become a threat to national security.
    look at russias take over of the republican party as the example.
    conservatism is a violent and deadly mental illness.
    its only a matter of time before you, or a loved one is shot down by a radicalized conservative extremist, convinced he has the constitutional right to murder you with firearms.

  6. Spam Sandwich

    the description is so corny..
    if you have to explain a video.. it's not a good video.
    if this snobby community would have been more open with the press six years ago there would be no conspiracy problems.
    I think they are largely some sort of antisocial religious sect

  7. Henry Townshed

    Why didn't I become a school shooter? I was bullied and beaten up in high school. Instead I just played video games,

    I was even playing Magic the Gathering. My parents took me to therapy and after 10 years I finally lost the urge play that Black Mana from now on it's only white

  8. Swift

    "The fact that school shooters often bully others is rarely attended to, but approximately 54% of the perpetrators harassed, intimidated, threatened, or assaulted people prior to their attacks." –
    So that guy who yelled "FREAK!" is likelier to be the next school shooter.
    But let's further demonize the unpopular children rather than their psychopathic tormentors.

  9. dat boi

    When you look at the statistics. Since 1990 92% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. It's almost like these people know they won't get shot back at and can get a 25 kill streak. Say no to gun free zones.

  10. Beelzebub, lord of the Flies

    Here’s some random plan I heard once: we make getting a gun license harder and have psych evaluations weekly, we allow people to own guns like revolvers, bolt action rifles, and shotguns, and then we take money from the NRA to open up gun ranges where people can turn in their guns for half their original price and for one year we let them trade in their for full price.

  11. Khord Kitty

    Let's not blame the government for not supplying the funds necessary to have a security force, let's blame the victims for not being nice enough to each other. If you want your school secure, look at what Israel does to secure their campuses.

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