Rapper A$AP Rocky found guilty of assault, will not serve jail time | USA TODAY

Rapper A$AP Rocky found guilty of assault, will not serve jail time | USA TODAY

A$AP Rocky was found guilty of assault for his role in a Stockholm street fight.

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  1. Martin Black

    Sweden has a sick obsession with Immigrants. The guy Mustafa was being a complete and utter scum bag and harassing A$AP. This is one of the weirdest racial issues ever. Essentially a white country hell bent on importing middle easterners and protecting them regardless of their actions. They're a special class of people that are allowed to do the most heinous things, yet are treated as if they are always the victim. Here you've got a black man who had to suffer the consequences of interacting with a middle easterner in Sweden. That's why there are "no-go" zones in Sweden. Do not go into areas of largely middle-eastern people, the law there does not work the same and if you are attacked, it is YOU who will have to pay the consequences in court. Hell, even Trump tried to get them to drop this case and allow A$AP back home. Glad it's finally over and he can come home with just a fine. DO NOT go to Sweden I'm sad to say. A beautiful country but they've fallen off the deep end of multiculturalism.

  2. John Kennedy Ekene

    Sweden Norway Germany has become just like France London Swiss… these places have become safe havens for islamists, refugees who swear they need help, holding governments to ransoms while milking the countries. They are here too, and my man Trump is doing everything to curtail their influx, it’s crazy. Laws don’t work for them, they have more protection than you think, if you find yourself in their area, don’t ever think you’re dealing with refugees, NO. You’re dealing with demons, they might even kill you if you don’t take time. Their boys their girls their parents, they all know what they’re doing. France and Britain are even WORSE !!! Germany has no-go Islamic zones, they got bad ass gangs operating freely !!!.

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