Punk Rock Legend Henry Rollins Has A Grim Reminder For Trump Supporters

Punk Rock Legend Henry Rollins Has A Grim Reminder For Trump Supporters

Punk rock legend Henry Rollins predicted that President Donald Trump will likely win a second term next year ― but said it will hasten the change in the nation that he and his supporters fear. 

I think it’s going to blow up in their faces,” he told the Daily Beast.  

“What’s happening now is young people are saying, ‘Oh, part of my job today, besides being a gorgeous 17-year-old young person, is to not hate gay people, is to not be racist, is to not call someone a ‘fag’ or anyone a ‘bitch.’ I’m not going to be a misogynist like my weird uncle who spouts off at Thanksgiving dinner. Like, that’s one of my jobs, is to not repeat this.’”

Rollins offered Trump supporters a stark reminder of their own mortality given their age. 

“Literally, their demographic is dying,” he told the Daily Beast.

In their place is a younger and more tolerant generation ― one that shows their punk attitude in ways outside of music. 

“You’re going to see ‘our prom queen this year is my friend Cedric and he got a unanimous vote and the teachers are so pissed,’” he said, adding: 

“That’s what’s going to happen. I think there’s going to be a huge rejection of this really antiquated bigotry. And so I think what you’re seeing right now is the old guard kicking and screaming as it’s dying off. And that, to me, is 2019 punk rock.” 

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