Protestors take to streets in Minneapolis where George Floyd died | USA TODAY

Protestors take to streets in Minneapolis where George Floyd died | USA TODAY

Raw emotions in Minneapolis over Floyd death.
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Demonstrators gather on the corner where George Floyd died after being pinned to the ground by a police officer.

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  1. Michelle N. Sirca

    No justice, no peace sounds like threats. If I don't get justice, we will disturb the peace… I just hope they get justice while not causing injustices themselves! By the way, little sister was brought into this by many people I was in foster care with and my ex, try again with your right handed L sign. Try again. It won't work. I'm already aware of how ruthless you all are, even when someone doesn't do something at all to you, you will harass their whole family and do terrible things to them. Force their view to help someone who messed up things for them then lie and say that person is bias or prejudice when you all just are! Hypocritical liars! We have the same issues but not the same culprits when you act like someone not on your side is against you. When you are legitimately against them! I agree with what you fight for, but I'm not fighting for someone who lies to lie on me. When I don't ever lie on them! Someone should release all the innocent and falsely convicted people in jail. Lawyers should try to help these people and put them in protective custody…

  2. R R

    Today he was a black brother, tomorrow it could be me or a Latino brother, the racist policemen have to pay the price, a heartfelt condolences to Brother Floy's family

  3. Scott Keister

    I think when a police officer acts like that when he's out to protect and the citizens that he should be put to death the same way that he did that person that would be Justice they should be held twiced accountable as anybody else

  4. Scott Keister

    It's unacceptable how the people of this country are abused by the law and the police officers people need to start standing up and protesting a lot more against state control laws that are against the people and the people's rights and Constitution

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