President Trump's coronavirus task force updates on the pandemic – Tuesday, April 7 | USA TODAY

President Trump's coronavirus task force updates on the pandemic – Tuesday, April 7 | USA TODAY

The White House coronavirus task force provides updates on the efforts to fight the pandemic that has now claimed more than 12,000 lives in the United States, and completely shut down the U.S. and global economies.

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President Trump was asked about the acting Secretary of the Navy being forced to resign after backlash over the relief of command of Capt. Brett Crozier, the former commanding officer aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. After Crozier widely distributed a letter about coronavirus spreading on his aircraft carrier and pleading for help from the Secretary of the Navy and Department of Defense, the letter leaked to the press.

The president was also pressed on Wisconsin holding it’s primary despite a statewide stay-at-home order, making voters choose between exercising their democratic right as a voter and staying at home and following guidelines during a pandemic.

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  1. Stephen Strickland

    Propaganda…if DC is speaking they are lying…it is mandated and has been their go to since WW1, DC is the greatest existential threat to America, our economic and national security and since this attack by the MSM on the gullible sheeple…our very existence.

  2. Brian Pulliam

    And then you sat on your ass for 2 months down playing it and letting it spread every where and u said we were prepared another lie u said you came into a broken system u were just in office for 3 years so another lie u didnt come into a broken system u just were not prepared lie lie lie lie is all you know how to do

  3. Mick Taylor

    December 31, 2019, China alerted the World Health Organisation to several cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan. The virus was unknown.
    January 6, a new virus was detected, according to WHO. January 27, the WHO declared coronavirus is a global emergency. Urges countries to implement steps to mitigate the spread. March 15, Pres Trump bans European travel ban. Airport security collapses under the strain with large cues clogging airports. The World was warned, but were political leaders listening?

  4. Ivan Lee

    Whenever Jerk Donald Trump makes any mistakes, he likes blaming other people, organisations or countries.Now he blames WHO, China, unfortunately, one of his administration member already alerted him via a memorandum about the virus pandemic. The shortage of medical facilities like ventilator, mask etc. he blames last administration Obama. Should this jerk Donald Trump qualified as president again ?

  5. Chewy1358

    This virus doesn't know race. The problem is impoverished people are more susceptible to illness because of the extreme racial & financial inequality in this country. Give your minority communities the same opportunity as the rest of us and those problems would solve themselves!

  6. Fusion Developer

    Word to the public. Please stop shopping for fun. You are putting employees at risk for fulfilling you selfish desires. Only shop for Essentials. Stop making a trip only to go buy flowers or paint. If you are going to a store, you MUST be going with the intent of buying a minimum of 1 essential item, such as Medicine/medical or food or something to cook or store food. As an employee it really angers me when i have to help people who are ONLY shopping for non-essentials and want me to help them find and put it on a cart and put it in their car. I may end up dying, because someone wanted to decorate their home! Not cool! Wait til the quarantine is over!

  7. Mario.B Alegria.jr. Alegria

    I have. A theory in about 5 weeks. From now. We will be back up and going america will be. Strong as ever before. Cause now. We know better. We. Are tough people not only from my belived new york. But. All over. Our beautiful country. I bet itll blow over jn a biiigg ass way. Otll collapse itself and then. We be fine. God. First. Itll be tsunami. Of. Bodies. Oh god this is. A. Act of. God. I hope. We have learnws our lesson. To be. More. Humble and be nice to each other. And. Lets be mindful. For those who gave there lives for. Us. I live u all medical peraonal for our health and. God thank you for giving us another chance. In living. Amen

  8. Wei Zhang

    Facts speak louder than rhetoric … with the number of confirmed cases has jumped from several hundreds to almost 400,000 in less than two months, Trump's handling of the situation has proved a failure for now.

  9. Brian Langston

    Trump's structure for his daily briefing..
    1. Keep 'em waiting.
    2. List millions of items ordered/ dispatched (just add a few to yesterday's list- no-one will know any difference).
    3. List everyone you have had a fabulous/ tremendous meeting with but don't mention any outputs or outcomes of those meetings.
    4. Remind the world that you knew better than anyone how serious this was…oh and don't forget to list all your friends and business partners.
    5. Remind everyone that the country was broken until you turned up- army had no bullets etc etc.
    6. Repeat the usual phrases about best economy in the history of mankind, blah blah blah.
    7. Slag of anyone who has pissed you off today. (Delete as applicable) Democrat governors/EU/WHO/Chy-na etc
    8. Repeat the above 3 or 4 times.
    9. Stand between two highly qualified physicians and thereby become qualified to dispense medical advice by osmosis.
    10. Keep talking until everyone has lost the will to live then open up to questions.
    11. Use the questions to repeat everything above.
    12. If anyone asks a pertinent question which challenges you ignore it or accuse them of being nasty/snarky/fake news.
    13. Keep going for as long as possible to try to grind them down.
    14. Take a breather by employing Pence and bask in the glory of his efforts whilst soaking up all the loyal gushing comments about your Presidential leadership. (Even though you know he thinks you're an idiot).
    15. Deploy Fauci and Birks in liberal doses to go through the dull graphs (while you yawn). Make sure they don't give the full picture though. Stop them if they look like they're going too far or telling the whole truth.
    16. Conclude by trying in vain one more time to outwit the journalists. Then storm off and leave Pence to close with dignity.

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