President Trump: 'I am a young, vibrant man'

President Trump: 'I am a young, vibrant man'

President Donald Trump said he’s a “young, vibrant man” compared to Joe Biden.

The ladies of “The View” couldn’t wait to begin the first televised interview with newly-declared presidential candidate Joe Biden so they went ahead and brought him out before the very first commercial break during Friday’s show and kept him at the table for the full hour.

With a big smile on her face, Joy Behar introduced Biden and grasped both his hands as he walked out. Ana Navarro gave him an air kiss and longtime family friend Meghan McCain greeted him with a hug.

Earlier, she said she was “thrilled” that the former vice president had chosen to do the much-coveted interview on their “all-female talk show.”

McCain reminded Biden of his last visit in December 2017, when he comforted her amid her father John’s battle with brain cancer. Since then, she said, she’s referred to the veteran politician as the “Grief Whisper” and called him “more times that people could imagine.”

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