President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Update on Pandemic | USA TODAY

President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Update on Pandemic | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update on Sunday, April 5th, as cases of COVID-19 across the United States top 330,000 and the death toll approaches 10,000.

This evening, from Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II delivered a hopeful but cautious address to the U.K. while Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been taken to the hospital with increased severity of symptoms, 10 days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Americans know they are facing a threat, but they aren’t sure exactly how it may impact the economy, the country’s politics or society at large. Public health officials can’t say when social distancing or quarantines will end. Some people don’t know whether they’ll have a job to go back to or a business to reopen. No matter how often someone washes their hands, they can’t ensure they won’t get sick.

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  3. B earth

    All I hear is, "Dear Americans, you have been enrolled into what I created and like to call it, the Great American Survival Games and may the odds be ever in your favor…"
    President Trump and President Snow have scary similarities!!

  4. B earth

    Please have trail heads of Colorado state closed for month, or force hikers to wear face mask. People of Colorado are beyond able to resist the temptation to go enjoy our beautiful weather and we still have people from out of state visiting. I have direct view of a popular local hiking trail and at the moment it is a disgrace how many people are using it daily. This is a steep trail that does not offer safe area to step aside 😷

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    It's time for America, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and the rest of the western world to reduce, if not stop, dealing with the bullying, repressive, and tyrannical communist government of China which reportedly has been experimenting on biological weapons that eventually got exposed from their Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory in Wuhan and got released to the public that resulted in the spread of this novel corona virus disease (labelled COVID-19) worldwide, causing fear, panic, hysteria, anxiety, social business & economic chaos, and deaths around the world. The Chinese government reportedly tried to cover up this Wuhan incident initially, and prevented western governments’ offer to help control the ensuing epidemic in Hubei province. The CCP also reportedly bought out and hoarded supplies of PPE, N95 masks and other medical equipment that left countries around the world scampering for these medical supplies that run short worldwide. Countries around the world should band together and CENSURE China at the United Nations for its egregious behavior and rejection of foreign governments assistance to contain the epidemic in Wuhan, and other violations of international laws, unspeakable human rights violations, unfair trade practices, abuse of economic and military power over smaller nations, and utter disregard for norms of civilized behavior, without prejudice to claims for pecuniary and other damages that may be filed against China's CCP party for spreading this otherwise preventable Wuhan novel corona virus disease epidemic that eventually turned into a pandemic.

  7. Denzo D

    Director-General Tedros of the WHO should be investigated and/or censured for playing politics with the world’s public health and security by covering up for China’s failure to update the international community in a timely basis about the release of the Wuhan novel corona virus from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology Laboratory in November last year that has caused this deadly pandemic, and praising China’s subsequent strategy in combating the scourge.

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  11. Robert Haase

    Trump’s Death Toll: 12,692+ innocent Americans dead! This is over twice the number of people that were killed in Pearl Harbour (2,403 dead) & 9/11 (2,977 dead) combined! America when will you hold Trump accountable?

  12. P. Weezkelzy

    When you think it is over it is still, "Shedding" They are letting people go as cured while they are shedding. Also, the very last way it sheds is when you use the commode. and a lot of people are running out of toilet paper. And now, I just read today, that China is getting hit my a new novis version. Or they are letting it loose.

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