Pres. Trump speaks at National Rifle Association event

Pres. Trump speaks at National Rifle Association event

President Donald Trump’s trip to Indiana Friday to attend a National Rifle Association convention will be his first visit to the state since South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg formally entered the Democratic race to take on Trump.

The president made his first public reference to Buttigieg in a SiriusXM interview last week, referring to him as “the mayor of Indiana.”

“It could be the mayor of Indiana,” Trump said of Buttigieg, who has been rising in the polls in the crowded field of Democratic 2020 contenders. “I think I’d like running against him, too.”

Since Buttigieg is now on Trump’s radar, will he go after him the way he’s riffed on Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?

Neither Trump nor White House aides have tipped their hand on what the president might say about Buttigieg, but we do know what the mayor has said about Trump. Here is how Buttigieg has positioned himself on some issues that the president wants to make focal points of the 2020 election.


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