Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting update (LIVE)

Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting update (LIVE)

The shooter is dead and at least 11 people were hospitalized Friday morning in a shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Amber Southard confirmed the shooter was dead just before 8 a.m. Friday.

Five patients were accepted to Baptist Hospital, according to spokeswoman Kathy Bowers. Six were accepted to Sacred Heart Hospital.

The shooter was reported sometime around 7 a.m. Friday, Jason Bortz, spokesman for NAS Pensacola, confirmed to the USA TODAY Network.

Both gates were closed and the base was locked down.

Three medical helicopters and EMS were en route.

The reports come two days after a U.S. Navy sailor shot three people, then killed himself at Pearl Harbor.

NAS Pensacola, situated in Escambia County, employs more than 16,000 military and 7,400 civilian personnel, according to the station’s website.

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  1. David Higgins

    3 excluding the gun nut perp killed, so 4 up to date, and of cause multiple injuries on top. Folks are just having to adapt to this constant day to day brutality, it is changing them, disturbing them. Americans have disturbed minds to lesser and greater degrees, each instance like this, especially if in the same localised neighbourhood as this, disturbs the American even further, even if they do not perceive it to be so. With all this political election malarkey stepping up a much higher gear in the new year, more nuts will crack under the pressure.

    Very little outlets exist away from it all now, little is available now without all this kneeling down goings on, you've all gone and politicised your pastimes, they won't be able to get away from it all, all that pressure from so many angles.
    Next year things will get very very bad. No one seems to remedy this or even tries to do so, where is any effort?. Total Ignorance isn't it, American Ignorance. Not how people should have to live. Is this really the best y'all can do?.

    That feeling of inadequacy, that feeling of helplessness to your situation, that added sense of dependency. Maybe that is what some interested parties want you to have, these incidents just re-enforce that. Hence little is ever done, or will ever be done, it serves their purpose, people brutalising other people. Easier to control the downtrodden masses then.


    there have been 385 mass shootings in the U.S., according to data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive (GVA), which tracks every mass shooting in the country. Twenty-nine of those shootings were mass murders.

  3. Joe May

    Many prayers going up to God Almighty n Jesus name for family's and friends and officials and their families also , we. Will never understand crimes like these and we can only pray for God Almighty to help us get through this one day at a time .
    Ty Bonita Utterback ; should you need any private prayers don't hesitate to text me at 8504637043

  4. James Clooney

    So he's not a terrorist because he's not a Muslim or a brown guy from the Middle East?… Yep they didn't say it but it's a white shooter… Just listen to these mfers…. Had this been a Muslim even if he was a US soldier, they would happily given his name etc… But now they won't say anything hoping the public will forget one of their own was a Terrorist.

  5. Steve Winter

    So basically every press conference ever. " We don't have any specifics, We don't have any information on that, we don't know, we don't want to speculate, for sensitivity reasons we don't want to tell you anything", Got it.

  6. mercurywoodrose

    good thing we have a travel ban on muslim majority nations, to stop this from happening. oh, what was that? not on saudi arabia? well, thats ok, saudi nationals have never committed terrorist acts on us soil. oh, what was that? 9/11?. well, nothing recently. oh, what was that? saudi prince ordered us journalist murdered? well, there must be a good reason for not including Saudi Arabia in the ban. oh, what was that? trump has a tower there, and business interests? ok sounds legit. nothing to see here, move on.

  7. Lorenzo Lopez

    Condolences to the families of the victims. Am I wrong, but the LTJG standing in the back row, is wearing her ribbons on the wrong side? She needs to flip flop her name tag with her ribbons. The ribbons are worn on the left side.


    How long we will keep party and friendship with the Saudi King whose extrerme Wahbism has given birth to terrorism around the globe and spreading day and nights? The worst; we are searching terrorists in Iran, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere but closing our eyes to the Saudi terrorists taking lunch dinner and breakfast with us. And we are protecting this evil empire with our arms and blood. We must acknowledged that we have fought several wars including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan only to protect the Saudi Kingdom and that is wrong and must be stopped.

  9. Yourname Here

    two shootings in two days at Naval bases which occurred immediately after Nancy Pelosi screamed at reporters and wiggled her two bullet bullet bracelet in their faces while screaming incoherant jibber jabber.
    I think Nancy Pelosi ordered these mass shootings and I think she ordered other shootings as well.
    Her father worked with Lucky Luciano and was a heroin trafficking member of congress and the former mayor of a big city with a big port.
    Lot of dope flowing into the country with her father manning the helm.
    JFK had the FBI surveil Pelosis father.
    For REAL crimes.

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