Nurse demonstrates how cross-contamination works despite wearing gloves | USA TODAY

Nurse demonstrates how cross-contamination works despite wearing gloves | USA TODAY

Coronavirus: Nurse shows cross-contamination despite wearing gloves.
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A nurse is warning people about cross-contamination despite wearing gloves during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Mom Vaz

    No gloves same shit happens.
    #1 Don’t answer your cell call everyone before you go they forget something too bad so sad.
    #2 If you do answer SPEAKER 🔊 on not to face.
    #3 Don’t touch your face . Of have to turn gloves inside out then carefully roll back on after.
    #4 Like she said dispose only in a trash can 🗑 it’s not the time to litter infecting workers. Plus that’s being lazy y trashy
    #5 wash hands with gloves on still every chance you find water,soap,y any cleaners (saw a young lady take them off antibacterial her hands put back on sigh was a cashier).
    #6 Use your brain 🧠
    #7 bleach ,ammonia,or Lysol countertops let air dry this allows more to be killed off…after you put groceries up by remove plastic around stuff or clean it first. Backtrack clean 🧽

  2. McLarenMercedes

    Who answers their phone with gloves on? Remove that out of the equation and you're safe and sound.
    And how long do viruses last on dead, non-organic surfaces anyway? Viruses need a living host to survive. They can't proliferate on non-organic objects. The by far most common contamination is from person to person. Period. We're not dealing with radioactive fallout here. The groceries you shop are highly unlikely to be anywhere near as contaminated as living people in your midst.

  3. Nancy Stengel

    Thanks for showing the science. This virus has so many avenues for cross-contamination. Since it is airborne and more, people also need to know that when they take their masks off they will cross-contaminate. They really are better off using cotton cloth and soak it in alcohol for 20 minutes after each use.

  4. Return of Zeus

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  5. sansaviera

    Thank you!!!!! I keep saying it. Wash your hands! You would not believe how many germs are on your hands. I learned this through a petri dish experiment years ago in the microbiology lab! Wash your hands and keep them out of your face.

  6. Christina Sibuea


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