Neighbours spoilers Chloe Brennan to face tough decision as Elly confesses feelings? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Neighbours spoilers Chloe Brennan to face tough decision as Elly confesses feelings? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Chloe (played by April Rose Pengilly) admitted to her brother Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) she was in love with their brother Mark Brennan’s (Scott McGregor) fiancé Elly (Jodi Anasta) on when he noticed her dismissive attitude.

Hoping to distract Chloe and perk her up, Aaron got in touch with his sister’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Lohan (Jacqui Purvis) in hope the two would reunite, but Chloe wasn’t too happy to see her former lover.

With a troubled past, it seemed Chloe wanted to send Mel packing but she will change her mind next week on the soap when she agrees to attend Mark’s wedding.

What spurs her to reunite with Mel only comes later when Chloe also agrees to be Elly’s bridesmaid, deciding giving things a go with her former lover could provide the perfect distraction.

Taking her duties on board as bridesmaid, Chloe ends up planning the perfect hen do for Elly and with the event a success, the party planner sneaks away to meet up with Mel.

However, noticing Chloe is missing, Elly seems annoyed her “best friend” has bailed on her to meet up with her lover.

Later, Elly catches the pair in a passionate embrace when she returns home and is left devastated by Chloe’s move. Is her jealousy rearing its head?

Knowing how Chloe feels about her, Elly ends up arguing with her bridesmaid about the reasons she is reuniting with her Mel.

However, the confrontation does not go unnoticed as Aaron picks up on the tense vibes between the pair and issues a warning to Elly, telling her he knows about Chloe’s feelings.

With Elly becoming ever more confused over her feelings for Chloe, she tries to deflect her affections, but will it all get too much? Could Elly call an end to her upcoming nuptials as she confesses her love for Chloe?

However, before she has the chance to reveal her true feelings, another problem emerges which could leave Elly with no choice but to split with Mark.

Mel ends up stumbling across the Christmas card Chloe wrote to Elly, confusing her undying love for her brother’s fiancé.

Chloe panics her secret could be rumbled, but her troublesome ex decides to stay quiet about the vital information as she tells her former lover she has changed her ways.

Will Chloe be able to move with Mel or will her ex’s admission cause Chloe to reveal she needs to be with Elly once and for all?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey) discovered the heartbreaking truth she had ovarian cancer.

Instead of believing Alice Wells (Kerry Armstrong), who tried to kill Sonya by poisoning her last year, could have caused the symptoms, Toadie will blame Karl for not picking up the diagnosis sooner.

Speaking about Toadie’s reaction to the diagnosis, Sonya actress Eve Morey, 35, told “Toadie, in his reactive anger, although he knows the logic of it, he still thinks, ‘Well if Karl had picked it up sooner, we could’ve got it sooner and we could probably do more.’

“That’s where his misdirected anger goes,” the actress revealed.

However, with Sonya beginning her treatment, will Toadie be able to rationalise his thinking or could this be the end of his friendship with Karl?

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