Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer: End government shutdown now

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer: End government shutdown now

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said President Donald Trump “must stop holding American people hostage.”

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  1. Slick Dick

    The fact is Walls and Barriers do work, just ask a Border Patrol agent and they'll tell U their experiences and their encounters at the border. Chuck and Nancy don't care about Border Patrol agents, those 2 never even talked to Border Patrol agents Only Trump has talked to the agents and he cares for them.

    By the way, U can't have an organized prison without walls or a steel bob-wired fence anyways.

  2. john phillips

    Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. It is a free gift, take it. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, ThePottersClay and Richiefromboston.

  3. Sinjinbin 64

    Didnt Trump state many times he doesnt need Congress approval to build the wall? Yet the wall is still not being built?🤨 And the Government shut down continues. Does he really want the wall or not? This starting to look a bit suspect on Trump. Border security is important but airport security is now not important? Government shut down peeps working for free unless they call in sick, which I would do. How vigilant do you think peeps working for free will be while thinking about bills to pay and food to eat. Not everyone is a Billionaire. His MAGA charm is slowly wearing off of me!

    And as for all you goody two shoes about LYING:
    What Politician doesnt lie? Thats how they get your votes dumbass! Is this your first time voting or are you just RETARDED? They all make promises they cant fill. And furthermore Ive never met anyone that didnt lie. Maybe you think you dont lie?🤨🧐

  4. Julian Resendiz

    A wall wont fix shite. I live in a border town and beleive me when i say no matter how high you build a wall people will find a way in. Most people enter legally then overstay their visa check the stats. You may as well burn that 5.6 billion at least it will provide warmth for a night or two. Sad thing is the gov is shut down and fed workers are suffering just so each party can make a point. This is truly a dark chapter in our country's history. #justreopengov

  5. Miriam Myrsiades

    I am Mexican and I say BUILD THE WAAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mexico it’s obviously not paying for it) but why can’t these people give Trump the funds to build the wall?!? Every single other country spends a lot of money on great walls for their borders, you would think that this 1st world country would have one of the best walls there is but no! You can kick the wall that there is now and knock a piece out! 😂 Just like the Salvadoranians did not long ago, remind you, not all the border has a wall and where there is a wall it’s pretty old and easy to go across it. I really don’t see what’s so wrong with wanting to put a better wall on this first world country.

  6. Jarod Tupak

    End the shut down Orange man! These federal employees & families need their pay check! You guys can kill each other in congress about your damn wall – just dont hostage these poor Americans who have bills to pay.

  7. Jayson A

    Wow. What a difference in how pelosi and Schumer speak compared to Trump. Trump is dumb. But I can't stand lations. There ignorant and rude were I live. I don't agree on how Trump is dealing with this.

  8. Siener 31137

    The democrats have only treated people as bargaining chips, their political platform has been steadily based on demographic identity for years and it's not going to change anytime soon, the democratic party uses fear as the vehicle to leverage people, fear of wrong speak is a symptom of the lack principle of the democratic party to support the countries citizens and the country's constitution, the well being and safety of the US citizens should be on the forefront of the debate and not used as a vehicle for a societal power struggle for political gain the left has geared up since the presidential election started. The people wanted a wall, the people wanted brexit, the people wanted their officials to carry out the mandate that was given to them by votes and not used to instigate a power play for personal or party gains. Trump has nothing personally to gain from building a wall unless you want to argue political gain but then all past regulations and mandates of all presidents needs to be argued in the same context resulting in all past political discourse to be without merit but only about power meaning the american democracy is a lie from day one, it was the people who supported the idea and it is that support that must be acknowledged, but the democratic party has only used that support to further divide a nation, by advocating that the democratic vote of the masses was not the resolution of course for a nation but rather symptom of a failed political agenda and systemic inequality.

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