Nancy Pelosi announces impeachment managers | USA TODAY

Nancy Pelosi announces impeachment managers | USA TODAY

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will identify the lawmakers called managers who will prosecute the impeachment case.

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The House is set to vote Wednesday afternoon to send articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, where opening arguments are expected Tuesday in only the third impeachment trial of a president in history.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the vote would be in the afternoon, after 10 minutes of debate. Hoyer said members would formally walk the articles across the Capitol to the Senate either late Wednesday or on Thursday.

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  1. Closeoutracer

    Bidens were in Ukraine. Paul Pelosi Jr./ Nancy's son was in Ukraine. Chris Heinz/John Kerry's son was in Ukraine. Hillary Clinton's largest foreign Foundation donor til 2016 .. Was Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Trump mentioned "Ukraine Investigation" and Dems filed impeachment articles immediately… "Urgent.. can't wait". Cover Up? What would a financial investigation in Ukraine find?? Dirty Dems ??

  2. hillock10

    The last time we saw such evilness in the American government was Nixon and the Viet Nam war. Nixon was elected to end the war, but he did not, and 20K+ soldiers died because of him. It is a case of the American government killing Americans over an immoral war that no one supported. Today we have pure evil in the Democratic party. People who trash the constitution and think nothing of it: charging someone of a crime based upon a secret witness, denying the accused the opportunity to cross examine the witness, denying the accused the oppor. to call his witnesses – all against the constitution, a document that 1.6 million soldiers died to protect and defend. Yes, these Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler are the face of evil in the USA. That constitution is written in the blood of our soldiers and these people tore it up, stepped on it like it was a comic book. Evilness right in front of us.
    Veteran of the Viet Nam War

  3. gene and aj

    This is a joke and you freaks are falling for this lie!! This station is always Orange Man Bad and they have NOTHING against him! Biden Hillary Obama and the CIA DOJ FBI are and were ALL in on it! Scumbags that used the system to fake people out with the lie's they spread out of pure spoiled brat hate! Scumbags with power and money and you people vote em office to cover your crimes! To bad you got caught now and we know it

  4. Dean Boyle

    Nasty nancy – 79 yrs old been in our Gov't for 40 years and what have you done for us? You've made yourself a millionaire and your son became a millionaire in Ukraine but what have you done for we the people? Trying to get rid of the only president in my liferime who ISN'T a politician! Career politicians need to go! TERM LIMITS!

  5. Sea King

    This 80 year old tart Nancy Pelosi and her demented poodles, Nadler and Schiff are a National disgrace. Nancy Pelosi has just met her soulmate Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex. Hey Duchess if you need any more poodles – Nadler and Schiff are for rent! They can help you out with all of your pending and forthcoming WOKE lawsuits.

  6. Tara S

    Impeachment is for life! Yes Nancy uphold the constitution! Trump and all his lies are a disgrace to this nation. The world is laughing at the US (specifically trump and his followers). When everyone else around is laughing at you it would probably be beneficial to self reflect on why the entire world is laughing at you

  7. Andrew

    Do Pelosi and Schiff think the American people are stupid? How do they have the gall to whine about the process of the Trial in the Senate, after riding roughshod over Rep minority – and the President's rights – in the House?

  8. Richard Torz

    Her way of trying to keep herself relevant this week as americans that are tired of hearing her speak are focused instead on Prince Harry and Meghan, the China trade deal, and the passage of usmca in the senate. Her and the process of sending over the articles are over shadowed by these stories, because we are tired of hearing her lies and delays and everything else from her. Everyone knew at least that Adam shifty Schiff and circus judicial leader Jerry Nadler was going to lead it. They seem to think that having 7 managers instead of 3 this time will make a difference. But it wont, because all we are going to hear from all 7 are repeating the same unfactual manufactured evidence that they had in thier hearings.

  9. Mike

    love all the russians in the comments… any american that actually watched every second of the hearing like myself would never say that… and i used to be a conspiracy theorist (still am a little bit) , but after watching all of it… i realized i was wrong about a lot of things… these people are heroes… im sure a bunch of people that didnt watch shit are about to troll me.. .and that cool, but i did the work, i read everything, i watched everything… did you? I agree with trump, read the documents and watch the hearings…. the republicans literally look insane when you watch this stuff in its entirety

  10. Mike

    another for the record:

    Nancy pelosi is old af, so people talking shit about her speaking… how bout a little gratitude for the old ass woman giving the last days of her life to fight for us? She should be chillin on a beach somewhere and her old ass breaking down body continues to fight on for us… so how bout thank you and not make fun of her talking, i can only imagine the hours these people are putting in right now… lets try to think a little bit about real life before we start slamming people, shes OLD, YES, we got it… move on trolls

  11. Mike

    wow i never thought about it… but i was looking at some of the comments on heres profile pics, and i swear ive seen some of you effers on tv!!!! are republican politicians really on here flaming these unintelligent comments below as well!??!! im sorry i just assumed it was all russian trolls, but it looks like some of you are republican propagandists, cant you please just keep your fake shit on fox? you are never going to convince smart people that look for thruth of your bs, youre just wasting your time!

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