Mother who lost son in Thousand Oaks shooting calls for gun controlMother who lost son in Thousand O

Mother who lost son in Thousand Oaks shooting calls for gun controlMother who lost son in Thousand O

Telemachus Orfanos saw too much horror.

First, he survived last year’s massacre at a Las Vegas country music festival, where 58 people were slain. He was also at the Borderline Bar and Grill on Wednesday night, when a gunman, dressed in black, killed 12 people.

One of them was Orfanos. He was 27.

“My son was in Las Vegas with a lot of his friends, and he came home. He didn’t come home last night,” his mother, Susan Schmidt-Orfanos, told a local TV reporter. “I don’t want prayers. I don’t want thoughts. I want gun control.”

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  1. Kuri 9999

    A object that can kill anyone in a instance, if a license gun store approved by goverment is permitted to sell guns that means goverment is killing their own citizens. A gun makes a man feel powerful a example are Army's, terrorist, Police, Gangster, Animals Hunter, thief, vengeance etc… this is how Humans die from ONE bullet, it could happen to any family member that you have doesn't matter the color or race. the world might not be fixed by my comments probably when you reading this humans are dying to guns or chemical weapons, sadly it's too late to take away Peoples guns but it's never to late to change your mind, have a little respect for your life and others and maybe you will find paradise in yourself. Forgive or be forgiven

  2. underdogx1

    Get this video out of trending. HOLY shït right on que let's trend the ban guns propaganda. CRIMINALS WILL GET GUNS REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE LAW IS MORONS. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens DOES NOTHING BUT MAKE everybody unsafe from the criminals. How about if the security guard actually shot the moron, or maybe there was more armed people in the area it would have been over with in 5 seconds. STFU with the taking guns shit, how about people step up and protect one another instead of running and hiding and putting their heads between their legs, hmm 🤔 oh that's right I remeber when 100+ people got hijacked with a box cutter… must of been a lot of soy involved in that situation for men not to step up and over take a person.. STFU with this propaganda shit, your liberal democratic gun confiscation is not going to ever work. You had a mentally unstable criminal shoot up a club how about you morn your loss in private like the majority of us do and not whore yourself out to a mainshit news company for money and a democratic libral agenda. If I was your dead son I would be ashamed of you.

  3. huckle berry

    Its called infringing. California is the worst abuser of it. If any of those bar patrons were allowed their full constitutional rights , conceal carry permit, etc. This wouldnt be an issue. Hey lady, MURDER IS ALREADY ILLEGAL.

  4. David S.

    Sorry for your loss, but your religion is being a Democrat. Mame, Chicago has the strictest gun control laws and has the highest gun violence in the USA. Criminals would love gun control for the rest of us. Democrats don’t think. There are some missing wires in their brains.

  5. Deep Heat

    When will you wake up America?

    When will your arrogance allow you to see through the cordite of your smoking guns to a world like in Europe where many lead perfectly happy, fulfilled & SAFE lives without the arsenal of a small African nation under the bed?

    If you want to blow holes out of your wildlife & each other so be it but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER think the world looks at you with anything other than disgust & pity!

  6. TruckerExile E

    Comments in this section are utterly disgusting. These families torn apart by guns by once law abiding citizens who snap and kill others and all I see is "oh well?" Let it happen to you one day as a punishment for your selfishness then

  7. Google Name

    Sorry, but I am not giving up anything.

    You stop bad guys with guns by having a gun. PERIOD. Bad guys, bad government, bad anything. We have the basic human right to defend ourselves and we shouldn’t rely on anyone for that protection otherwise we are just slaves. Government property and as such entitled to food, housing and medical care on the government.

    If anything blame those politicians who sent this marine off to fight in a war he couldn’t win and he came home with PTSD. Even our top general has admitted the taliban will not be defeated. Another Vietnam.

    Assuming you believe the official story. I don’t.

  8. Google Name

    NO GUN CONTROL LADY! You can have them if you come and take them.

    We are headed for a civil war.

    It’s funny how she happens to say exactly what liberals want said meanwhile anyone who has really faced bad people with guns don’t want more gun control.

  9. Brian Wymer’s Handy Man Service

    The good guys were obeying the law of a gun free zone. This is what stupid laws get you. They took people’s guns in England gun crimes skyrocketed because bad guys don’t follow laws. They took people’s guns in Australia and gun crimes skyrocketed there to. The facts are out there that prove no gun zones attract this behavior because they feel less threatened that a good guy with a gun to stop them will be present.. When you stop letting good people protect themselves
    You open your self up for these abuses. Get it through your heads bad people don’t follow the laws..

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