Mitt Romney chokes up explaining Trump impeachment vote | USA TODAY

Mitt Romney chokes up explaining Trump impeachment vote | USA TODAY

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, gives emotional explanation of his decision to vote to convict President Trump in impeachment trial.

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  1. Abrilpara2

    Mitt is a hypocrite. He used religion to do what he did, but, is it me or he just went half way, because he said not guilty on the second one. He did this for his own political gain. Don't be deceived. This is why I'm atheist and distrust people who claim to be religious.

  2. Larry Wright

    Mitt Romney is CORRUPT!!!! Anyone and I mean ANYONE saying Trump is guilty are, in essence, saying Biden is innocent. MITT IS COVERING FOR BIDEN!!!! Does Biden have a billion dollars? NO!!! Biden USED American tax payer money in order to influence a foreign president! I don't care if that influence was to buy girl about cookies!!! The fact is that MITT AND BIDEN ARE CORRUPT DEEP STATE CRONIES!!!!!

  3. Ramjet74

    Damn, another Iscariot which by the way, quite literally means "men of the cities." Looks like he's having a hard time swallowing those thirty pieces of silver. But hey, he says he's a religious guy so he gets a pass? LMAO! Yeah Mitt, you're religious as hell.

  4. Squat Little Witch

    Kudos to Romney !
    He is on the right side of history.
    Unlike Donald Trump, Romney’s grandchildren will not be embarrassed when they read about their grandfather’s record during this period of time in history.
    Romney needs to challenge Trump in 2020.

  5. Princess Denise - Peet

    Why after the fact? God only dealt with him On the day of President Trump IMPEACHMENT ACQUITTAL🤦‍♀️ He should’ve did it weeks in advance then i would’ve believe him! What was his real motive? Is it to be known the first in history to go against his own Republican Party?🤫 So, while the trail going on his conscious didn’t bother him until the day of IMPEACHMENT ACQUITTAL🙄 …. 👌

  6. Frank Mayo

    This was the most pathetic political speech I have seen in my 58 year on this rock…Mitt that was was disgraceful. I only hope that I have the occasion to be in your presence at some point in the future, for I will verbally mock and scorn you, you need to go away now…we need no longer to hear from Mitt Romney, ever.

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