Mike Bloomberg speaks after ending bid for Democratic nomination | USA TODAY

Mike Bloomberg speaks after ending bid for Democratic nomination | USA TODAY

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who jumped into the 2020 election in late November, ended his presidential bid, according to his campaign.

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In a statement, Bloomberg said staying in the race would make it more difficult for Democrats to defeat President Donald Trump.

“I’m a believer in using data to inform decisions. After yesterday’s results, the delegate math has become virtually impossible – and a viable path to the nomination no longer exists,” Bloomberg’s statement read. “But I remain clear-eyed about my overriding objective: victory in November. Not for me, but for our country. And so while I will not be the nominee, I will not walk away from the most important political fight of my life.”

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  1. Voodoo Trucker

    I predicted this Loser, Booster Seat Bloomberg, was heading to the Dustbin of History 📚 like Kommissar Bernie Sanders, Lieawatha Fauxahontas Spitting Bull or that Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier Joe. 🤸🤸🤸🚛🗯️🏛️No Dummycrat Chump can Beat or Stump the Incredible Unbeatable President Trump !

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